Thursday, December 24, 2015

Using Mobile for Retail Merchandising Activities

With the development of mobile devices the growing number of companies take advantage of mobile technologies to improve merchandising efficiency and increase revenue. Present-day mobile merchandising solutions are affordable and easy to use, which makes their implementation a must in our mobile fast moving world.

VisitBasis merchandising software allows merchandisers to easily collect store data, performing retail visits and merchandising inspections using just their tablets and smartphones. VisitBasis merchandising application is designed for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones and provides a lot of advantages for merchandisers and their managers.

Merchandising Software: Key Features for Managers

While merchandisers perform data collection activities on their mobile devices, eliminating paperwork, their managers and supervisors are able to:
  • Design task templates assigned to field merchandising teams to get the exact information needed from retail locations
  • Manage all merchandising-related issues including tasks, schedule of visits, territories, product and customer catalogs, field reps database, and analytic reports in one easy-to-use system.
  • Monitor in real time merchandising activities in the field, getting time-stamped and GPS-confirmed data on travel routes and results of merchandiser’s work.
  • Generate with just a few clicks up-to-the-minute 
  • reports based on the data collected, using filters and different formats to get the exact information that is needed at the moment.

Merchandising Software: Key Features for Merchandisers

While managers and supervisors are able to manage all merchandising activities using just one comprehensive merchandising software solution, merchandisers enjoy their work made less manual and more rewarding since they are able to:
  • See the schedule of retail visits and tasks assigned in their mobile devices
  • Access customer and product databases on their tablets and smartphones
  • Capture retail data faster using automated data entry, bar code scanner, built-in photo reports, and electronic signatures
  • Instantly report back without spending a minute due to automatic synchronization
  • Add new customers and optimize travel routes via mobile application
  • View the history of previous visits to retail locations
  • Capture data offline and synchronize when internet connection is available.
Start your mobile merchandising today with VisitBasis – the most affordable and easy-to-use merchandising software solution on the market. Sign up for a free trial at or schedule a free live demo to see how it works.

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