Friday, December 18, 2015

Five Reasons Why Implement Data Collection Software

Small businesses and international companies implement data collection software to improve the efficiency of data capture process and streamline data workflow. If your company does not use data collection software yet, consider the opportunity to start. Below you’ll find the reasons why companies implement data collection software. 
  1. Make planning easier. Scheduling of retail visits is time-consuming when relying on paper-forms and phone calls. Data collection software allows you to quickly organize the schedule of visits for any period of time for any numbers of reps and, at the same time, increase your field team's efficiency. Field reps can also optimize their day route at the click of a button to make sure they have the shortest path between locations and add an extra visit or a new customer from mobile devices.   
  2. Enhance interaction between the office and the field. With data collection solution you can automate notification of the scheduled appointments and reporting. Field reps can also view all the information about every point-of-sale, including location, contacts, history of visits. Data collection software provides instant data exchange between field reps and the managers due to automatic synchronization, so field reps do not have to visit the office to get tasks and report back.
  3. Eliminate fraudulent reports. With data collection software solution field reps are being monitored on the map in real time. Field team managers can see their routes, the arrival time, and time spent at each point-of-sale and for each task. All the data collected at retail locations, including photos, is time-stamped and GPS-confirmed, so a manager can always see where each task was performed.
  4. Minimize data entry mistakes. Data collection software provides automated data entry by virtue of mobile data collection forms for tablets and smartphones. All the data collected at retail locations is automatically transferred to corporate database and is available for integration with company’s back-end system, export or analysis. Mobile forms allow to collect data very quickly and accurate eliminating paperwork and minimizing mistakes.
  5. Simplify reporting. No more need to compile the information across paper forms or Excel spreadsheets, manually entering data to corporate database. When using data collection software, all the data, collected at points-of-sale, is instantly available for analysis. The up-to-date data collection solutions allow customers to get custom reports and dashboards in seconds, filter data to get the exact information they need at the moment, display information in different formats (graphics, charts, tables) and safely share the reports with third parties.
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