Wednesday, March 30, 2016

4 Ways in Which Mobile Data Collection Software Means Savings

Mobile data collection software can mean the difference between make or brake when it comes to retail execution. The sole reason for that is because, by adopting a mobile data collection solution, companies in CPG (consumer packaged goods), retail, and sales and marketing will most likely save a lot of money and time.

Here is how mobile data collection software will help your company decrease its operational costs and boost profits:

  1. Paper savings
    Mobile data collection software allows your field reps to perform all the required point-of-sale activities on their mobile devices, virtually eliminating the use of paper forms. 
  2. Time and effort savings
    Data compilation is one of the most daunting activities in retail execution. Not only does it take a lot of time to input all the data collected at the different stores, but it also requires a lot of attention, since typing mistakes can easily be made. A mobile data collection software will automatically compile all information gathered in the field and, in many cases, generate instant, customized reports.
  3. Gas and mileage savings
    Some mobile data collection solutions include an extra bonus: The ability to plot, optimize and monitor field rep store routes through GPS mapping and tracking. GPS technology in a mobile data collection software means your company will save in gas and mileage reimbursements, also saving field rep planning and travel time. 
  4. Time-to-action savings 
    What is the true cost of an unusual out-of-stock? No product on the shelf literally means no sales, especially in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCC), and the risk of losing customers since they might have tried (and liked) a different brand. A mobile data collection software solution allows for near-immediate action in cases like this, since it streamlines the information flow from the POS to decision-makers.
Additionally, these days the option of implementing an in-house retail mobile data collection software is more affordable than ever: You can get started on your mobile data collection software completely free with solutions such as VisitBasis.

VisitBasis mobile data collection software is a comprehensive solution for retail audits, market research, surveys, and competitor analysis that delivers real savings to your bottom-line through features such as custom mobile forms, real-time reporting and analytics, GPS mapping and tracking, and instant notifications through chat room integration, among others.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Leaders in Field Marketing are Doing This

Whether you are a professional in CPG manufacturing or in retail, it is impossible to ignore the move towards field marketing software and automatization, since the tangible benefits of implementing a field marketing software solution outweigh almost any cost that it may incur.
Managing field marketing activities is complex and costly. Field marketing managers constantly face many challenges including weak feedback, slow data workflow, significant time gaps between field marketing events and reports, data errors and lost paperwork, fraudulent reports, etc. 

Therefore, a complete field marketing software solution will offer a set of tools that streamlines the information workflow from the point-of-sale all the way to the boardroom, providing useful insights to all stakeholders:

  • Customizable forms and surveys, allowing users to create specific task templates for each field marketing activity and virtually eliminating the chaos of paper forms, spreadsheets and emails.
  • Ability to monitor, track and analyze field marketing activities in real-time, in order to speed up decision-making and reduce the time needed to address mission-critical situations.
  • Automated reporting both for field representatives - with mobile access to all data and tools required to collect critical information for store performance analysis - and managers, with real-time information on what is going on in the field.
  • Easy implementation and independence from IT departments with a cloud-based SaaS field marketing software and BYOD (bring your own device) platform.
VisitBasis field marketing software allows companies to easily customize their marketing activity data collection, with time-stamped and GPS-confirmed data from points-of-sale, while providing powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. VisitBasis is comprised of a platform-independent field marketing management software that works on any PC or Mac and a free mobile app available for any Android and iOS smartphone or tablet. 
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Implementing Merchandising Software is Easier than You Think

Most businesses in the product sales and marketing industry would benefit from implementing a merchandising software solution but many end up caught in old-fashioned data collection methods due to the misconception that implementing merchandising software is time-consuming, expensive, and all-around complicated.

Today's mobile merchandising software solutions debunk those myths and actually it can be quite simple to implement a system that fulfills all your merchandising business needs without breaking the bank.

To successfully implement a merchandising software solution for your business, choose a system that provides:
  1. Immediate, independent set-up, with no need for installations or support from IT personnel.
  2. Access by your reps to a free mobile merchandising app on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device, meaning you will not have to invest on new hardware.
  3. Scalability through a pay-per-user system - what you will pay for using the software will be proportional to the size of your company - and no set-up fees. 
  4. The ability for your reps to work both online and offline, in case they end up in an area with no wireless or WiFi Internet connection.
  5. Tools designed specifically for merchandising activities, such as visit scheduling and planning, and easy setup of planogram checks.
  6. Fast and easy reporting capabilities, so you can easily access and share POS visit information.

VisitBasis was designed by merchandisers, for merchandisers. It is a complete merchandising software solution that allows you to quickly and easily implement a cost-efficient point-of-sale data collection system with no need for technical knowledge.

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Watch the below video to see an overview of the VisitBasis Merchandising app:

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Monday, March 7, 2016

3 Steps to Successful Retail Audits

VisitBasis - Retail Audits Done Right, Without Breaking the Bank

Retail audits are an essential part of any CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) business. They help implement successful retail strategies that help increase sales and boost profits.

The following steps give a roadmap to implementing a successful retail audit plan:

1. Choose a mobile retail audit software
There are several options on the market, and the best ones have the following capabilities:
   • Cross-platform app (BYOD - bring your own device), so your reps will be able to use their own cell phones.
   • Visit planning and scheduling: This way, not only will you be able to plan when your reps will visit each store, but also which tasks will they perform while at the point-of-sale.
   • Customization: So you can create your own, custom POS audit and inspection mobile forms requesting photos, signatures, etc.
   • Works online/offline: In order to enable your reps to perform retail audits even if they are in areas without Wi-Fi and/or wireless Internet.
   • Real-time reporting: This will allow you to virtually be at the point-of-sale with your reps and instantly react to any critical information, such as out-of-stocks.

2. Start small
Take advantage of free trials, "lite" and pay-per-user versions of retail audit software to implement a store audit plan on a limited territory, for a limited number of products, and/or only with a few reps. Increase the scope of your retail audits as you tweak your processes and become more familiar with the software.

3. Report and share results
Constant monitoring is a key factor in the successful implementation of a retail audit plan. This is why an effective retail audit software will allow you to view in real time the audit results coming from your points-of-sale. It should also allow you to analyze results and automatically generate "readable" reports that can be printed, saved to PDF and shared.

VisitBasis is a complete retail audit solution that offers all the elements needed to perform mobile POS audits and surveys in one package.

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