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8 Things Your Sales Reps Can Do Using a Field Sales Mobile App

Traditional field team management can’t give you an answer, what your field sales reps are doing at this very moment. By implementing a certain kind of field team management solution and empowering your field reps with a mobile app for retail execution , you get an opportunity to literally see what your reps see at retail locations and get timely GPS-confirmed data as soon as visits and tasks are being performed. Using field sales mobile app allows your field reps to get access to all the data and tools needed to perform store visits. Field team management software comes with the ability to create mobile forms for everything that needs to be checked, so your field sales reps can perform all their duties using just their tablets or smartphones. Here is the list of the most important things your field reps can do during a retail visit. Manage visits and tasks, having mobile access to visits scheduled by the office and being able to add visits and tasks from mobile devi

How Many Apps A Sales Rep Actually Needs on His Phone

If you are a sales rep looking for how to become more effective, you’ve probably already read a bunch of articles on the Web, listing Five, Six, Seven, Ten and even 24 Apps Every Sales Rep Needs on Their Phone . The list of the essential mobile applications for field sales reps include apps that play multimedia presentations on mobile devices, keep track of the miles you drive for business, generate invoices and time sheets, create mobile dashboards of various kinds of available information, create text notes, store your data in the Cloud, provide electronic signatures and so on and so forth. So, how many apps a sales rep has to install to become more effective? Actually, the answer is one. The shortest way to increase productivity of outside sales reps is to empower them with an up-to-date all-in-one application for field sales , which allows managing all field sales activities from one place. Despite all of the listed features are really important for sales reps product

Field Sales Automation Software for Retail Execution

In recent years technology stepped far forward allowing people to shop at the click of a button. Nevertheless field sales representatives still have to interact with customers in person. Field team management for CPG and FMCG companies includes coordinating outside sales representatives, who are constantly on the go, and working with big amount of data from retail locations. Field sales automation covers all the variety of point-of-sale activities allowing companies to manage field teams from anywhere. Field sales automation is aimed to plan, execute, and evaluate field team activities, such as order taking, retail audits, merchandising, and promotional campaigns, in the most efficient way. By implementing a comprehensive field sales automation solution , a company can make store visits more effective, reduce expenses and improve customer service. Present-day field sales automation solutions are fast to deploy and easy to use. By implementing a field sales automation sol

How to Make Field Sales Reps Like Your Field Sales Automation Software

Field sales automation refers to the use of technology to capture field sales or service information in real time. No one doubts that office managers and supervisors should like field sales automation. By implementing an up-to-date field sales management solution , they get an opportunity to manage sales territories, schedule visits and assign tasks with just a few clicks, monitor field team activities in real time, and analyze field team performance using built-in analytic tools. Field sales automation solutions provide streamlined retail data workflow, allowing managers to effectively perform their daily routines, freeing up time to make strategic decisions.  When it comes to the adoption of a field sales automation solution by sales reps, a company may face a number of challenges, due to the need for employees to get used to the new order of things. Your field reps may not like the new way of retail execution due to the fear of changes and the unwillingness to be consta