Thursday, December 22, 2016

Small Steps in Field Marketing Can Mean Large Boost in Sales

Field marketing is mandatory when it comes to promoting retail channel sales. From product distribution to store auditing and sampling promotions, field marketing is the most certain way for CPG brands to tweak their message and get in front of the right customers.

But with such and array of different activities being performed by sometimes a virtual army reps, it can be difficult to manage and track the results of field marketing initiatives.

Mobile technology has proved to be ideal for retail marketing: Field marketing software allows reps to perform in-store activities on their mobile devices. It eliminates paperwork and makes it easy to coordinate and track field reps and their activities.

Adopting a field marketing software solution can translate into a large sales boost. Field marketing software will:

  • Help enforce brand consistency
    A recent study from the National Association of Retail Marketing Services (NARMS) found that retailers who achieve planogram compliance can realize a 7.8% increase in annual sales. Field marketing software helps enforce brand standards by improving communication between brand management and field marketers.
  • Speed up decision-making on mission-critical scenarios
    No stock means no sale.  An out-of-stock also brings the risk of losing a customer and, with it, market share. Field marketing software makes it easy to spot out-of-stocks and can even send automatic notifications to the responsible people and/or departments.
  • Streamline competition analysis
    If a product is priced too differently from its competitors, it might send a wrong message (Cheaply made? Too expensive?). With field marketing software, reps can frequently report on price and other parameters, allowing brand owners to swiftly act on correcting discrepancies as soon as they are reported and analyze trends to make educated projections.

VisitBasis is a complete field marketing software that offers unique features for CPG and FMCG companies, merchandising agencies, and sales and marketing organizations alike.

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