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Helping Retail Partners Increase Sales

For companies that provide retail merchandise distribution, set and services, their ultimate goal is to help their retailing partners increase sales by making sure that shelves are always stocked and with the most effective presentation . These services require an army of field reps that can perform activities as varied as delivery, merchandising sets and resets, product surveys, seasonal display setups, category audits, among others, as well as proper reporting in order to provide metrics (key performance indicators - KPIs) and accountability. Retail inspection software is an invaluable tool for companies in merchandising distribution, set and services. With retail inspection software, field reps can use their mobile devices to fill out forms that before had to be hand-written, saving precious time at the point-of-sale and eliminating data transcription. There are many benefits to using retail inspection software for managers as well, among them: The ability to create cus

VisitBasis Introduces Exciting New Features

VisitBasis , one of the leading retail mobile data collection software packages in the market, has just introduced exciting and useful new features, further benefiting its users. Says Sergey Gorbunov, CEO of VisitBasis:  "Our software is always evolving. We are consistently developing our products as we closely watch and ask about our customer needs." Integration with Google Drive In previous versions, VisitBasis already had implemented the integration of its scheduling features with Google Calendar . Now, besides downloading files, users can also save the reports generated by VisitBasis on their Google Drive , allowing them to immediately make use of Google 's file sharing and editing tools. Third-party access to VisitBasis reports It is clear that not only the professionals actually executing retail data collection efforts are interested in viewing their results. Sometimes there are many stakeholders in a merchandising or retail audit project, such as interna

Streamlining Retail Audits Through Mobile Technology

VisitBasis  is a comprehensive retail audit app solution for businesses of all sizes. VisitBasis allows creating task templates for everything that needs to be checked at the retail location as well as instant access and analysis of the information collected, providing a budget-friendly and easy-to-use system that helps you take full control of store audits. Ready to take full charge of your retail audits? Sign up today at  for a free trial, or  book a free online demo  to see how it works.