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Implementing BYOD for Happier and More Productive Merchandisers

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is an IT policy, where employees are allowed or encouraged to use their personal devices – notebooks, tablets and smartphones – to access enterprise data and systems. Today BYOD is changing the way business is done. Many people already use their own tablets and smartphones to work outside the office as mobile devices became increasingly affordable.

Merchandisers, like all mobile staff, who are constantly on the go, have one of the greatest needs for a mobile access to corporate data. By implementing a BYOD policy, a company provides mobile approach to performing data collection tasks at points of sale. Meanwhile, BYOD not only allows decreasing hardware expenses, but what’s even more important, getting more productive and happier employees.

How BYOD Improves Your Merchandisers’ Productivity

When you pair a merchandising mobile app with BYOD you can enhance your merchandisers’ productivity and easily overcome employees’ resistance to the new technology. With a merchandising mobile application your field staff can perform great variety of tasks using just their tablets and a smartphones. If your merchandisers use their own tablets and smartphones to perform tasks at retail locations, they operate familiar interface and features, and therefore do not have to think how to deal with the device or spend time to learn how to use it. In this case the technology itself becomes less distractive making merchandisers more focused and productive. All data collection tools appear in a format your merchandisers are familiar with.

How BYOD Makes Your Merchandisers Happier

Using their familiar personal devices keeps merchandisers more comfortable during a workday. Most of people now consider their smartphone more important than breakfast. People get used to having smartphones everywhere and made them a significant part of their lives. Your merchandisers will definitely be happier if they do not have to carry additional company-owned tablet or smartphone along with their own piece of hardware constantly switching attention between the devices. Besides, they love their own devices, because they have once chosen it for themselves. Users tend to upgrade to the latest mobile devices more frequently than enterprises. Personal devices tend to be more cutting-edge, so the company can benefit from the latest technologies.

Starting new tasks and activities becomes easier and faster with BYOD as merchandisers are confident in devices they use and there is no learning curve to overcome. Having all mobile tools on a single device, which they are used to and familiar with, your merchandisers can perform data collection tasks more quickly, becoming more productive and satisfied with their job.

The VisitBasis Merchandising App works on common mobile platforms such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android, which enables BYOD policy implementation. The VisitBasis Merchandising App can be downloaded absolutely free for any number of users on Google Play and App Store. Sign up today at to get your free access to our merchandising software.


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