Thursday, December 17, 2015

7 Ways to Save Big when Buying Data Collection Software

Many tech-savvy companies use data collection software to eliminate paper forms, enhance productivity and streamline data workflow. The intensive development of cloud technologies and mobile devices provides new opportunities to save money on software due to evolving software pricing models. Today you can find many ways to optimize your software costs without loosing in quality of service and efficiency. Here are 7 tips for keeping your software costs low while enhancing productivity and improving the bottom-line.

1. Free Trial
When you just start to automate your data collection activities, the first and the most obvious way to save money is to find data collection software vendor that offers free trial, so you can decide if the software fits for your company without upfront spending.

2. SaaS pricing model
When you implement a SaaS data collection solution, you save huge amounts of money on servers, hardware, and IT staff. The important benefits of a SaaS data collection solution is that it’s typically extremely easy to deploy. No installation needed and you have Web access to the application from anywhere.

3. All-in-One Tools
Buying a comprehensive data collection solution a company can cut the budget bringing value to several departments at the same time. For example, a comprehensive data collection solution can help you automate retail audits, merchandising, and field marketing activities and simultaneously provides tools for order taking and retail analytics, so your sales and marketing depertments can both use it, saving money and improving communication.

4. Scalable Solutions
Scalable data collection solutions can grow with your business and have the lowest possible price at an early stage.

5. Cloud data storage
To eliminate data storage costs move your retail data to the Cloud and find software vendors that offer Cloud data storage as a part of their service. Cloud data collection software allows companies to easily operate retail data worldwide with the same functionality, which is particularly important when the business is international or runs different time zones.

The up-to-date field marketing software solutions run common software platforms, such as Android and iOS, which allows BYOD-implementation. When using personal tablets and smartphones to perform data collection tasks at retail locations field reps are more efficient and happy with their work, while the company saves money on mobile devices and staff training.

7. Built-in Analytic Capabilities
When you get data collection software with powerful analytic capabilities, you save money on various analytic tools and can aggregate, store, share and analyze data using one easy-accessible database.

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