Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sales Force Management System

Sales force performance can be significantly improved using some type of software program. Today there are plenty of programs and applications on the market that can provide your business with sales force automation capabilities such as customer management, field force activity tracking, sales pipeline management, sales reporting, sales management and etc. Most sales force automation software solutions provide the capability to define and track sales stages, sales milestones, activities and more.

Once you’ve decided to automate your sales force the next step is to choose sales force automation software. To find one that works for your company and avoid getting overwhelmed by the capabilities of the program you have to identify your specific needs and requirements first.

Here at VisitBasis we’ve focused on delivering a system that integrates completely with every process in your business. VisitBasis is all-in-one software solution that provides the most complete set of tools for your business in one great package. VisitBasis is designed to meet the market demand for scheduling field sales activities including CRM, processing orders, reporting and analyzing field sales performance.

Accompanied by up-to-date Cloud and GPS-technology the VisitBasis field force management solution is a powerful web-based platform for monitoring field sales activities and real-time supervising geographically dispersed sales teams. Empowered with the VisitBasis Field Sales App your field reps are able to collect store data using their mobile devices. All the data collected at points-of-sale is instantly synced to corporate database. The VisitBasis Web-based dashboards and reports allow you to analyze all field activities including field reps location, time spent at stores and time taken to perform tasks, orders and returns, measuring progress in real time. With real-time updates of field reps progress, additional tasks can be added during a workday – keeping all field reps productivity at maximum levels. With VisitBasis sales automation software solution capturing details such as customers’ contacts, GPS-coordinates, photos, notes, and electronic signatures is a breeze.

Make retail visits more effective implementing the VisitBasis sales force management system. Get free access to our field force management software after registering at The VisitBasis Sales Force App is available for free download on Google Play and App Store for any number of users.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Improve Your Merchandising Performance

Merchandising is one of the basic aspects of retail management that gives CPG companies the opportunity to analyze product placement and display in order to stay competitive and to maximize sales. Merchandising software allows companies to streamline merchandising activities, saving time and money and making data easier to collect, and therefore to become more efficient both in the field and in the back. Here are some examples of how a merchandising software solution can improve your field reps performance.

Maintaining organized shelves – a well-maintained shelf looks more appealing to customers. Filed reps control that your products are always on shelves and are properly located. The key goals of shelf organization are to avoid misplaced products and gaps between products, to control the number of facings and to make sure that there are enough products on the shelf. Merchandising software makes shelf organization faster and easier, empowering your field reps with such tools as built-in photo reports, barcode product search, and automated data entry.

Ordering and returning products – Field reps should always control how many of your products left on the shelf and in store, and which of them need a re-order. Damaged and overstock items can impact your sales. Using merchandising software gives your field reps an opportunity to make product orders and returns right at the point-of-sale with just a couple of actions. Your field reps can view recommended order quantities and order history on their mobile devices to create an order that makes sense.

Keeping control of promotional compliance and POS materials placement – Make sure your promotions are being followed in compliance with your marketing strategy and your promotional displays, floor stickers, posters and others POS materials are properly used at stores.  Retail merchandising software provides customizable task templates with different types of answers for everything that needs to be checked.

Analyzing competitors – If you are able to see where exactly your competitors’ products are located and how they are priced you receive a good indication of industry leaders marketing strategies. Customizable real-time reports to analyze competitors’ strategies is one of the most important feature of merchandising software, which allow you to use targeted marketing when competing with those surrounding brands.

Conducting customer and employee surveys – Capture accurate, live data that can be analyzed in real time back at the home office. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to increase sales. Whether you are processing customer or employee surveys, or market research surveys, sort your report data using sophisticated retail merchandising software filters to get the information you really need at a click of a button.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mobile Audit Checklist Templates for Paperless Retail Audits

Tired of paper-based checklists and hours of data entry? Use VisitBasis mobile checklists templates to create and assign checklists for everything that needs to be checked, to respond to emerging issues, to and track field team performance.

Empower your field reps to be more productive with VisitBasis mobile checklist software platform so they are able to complete tasks and perform checks on their tablets and smartphones – even offline. Retail data can be collected using offline devices and be automatically synced when the Internet connection is established so your field reps don’t have to worry about the connection.

The VisitBasis tools for paperless checks include:
  • Visit calendar
  • Product catalog
  • Customer information
  • Route optimization
  • Customizable task templates with different types of answers
  • Built-in photo-reports
  • Barcode scanner
  • Electronic signature
  • Automatic synchronization

VisitBasis web-based checklists templates allow field reps to easily perform all the variety of tasks spending less time on data collection and minimizing mistakes. Your field reps can collect richer data attaching photos to the tasks performed, making notes and adding GPS-coordinates of the place where the task was performed. All the data collected in the field, including photos, is GPS-confirmed and time-stamped to prevent fraudulent check-ins and reports. Field teams managers can easily monitor all field activities in real time using web-based dashboards and reports to identify situations that require your attention.

The VisitBasis mobile audit checklists templates allow you to completely automate any of these types of checks:
  • Safety inspections
  • Quality of service
  • Store compliance
  • Competitor’s analysis

Get started faster with VisitBasis mobile checklist templates, for free. Just register at, open the VisitBasis App in your browser, and begin creating your checklist templates absolutely free. The VisitBasis App for your field reps’ mobile devices can be downloaded free on Google Play and App Store for any number of users.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Top Benefits of Retail Execution Software

Companies of all kinds conduct retail audits to to provide documented verification that point-of-sales meet corporate compliance policy and marketing strategies are properly implemented at stores. To start retail auditing you have to provide your field managers with guidelines for what is to be done, to define store visits frequency and to determine channels for delivering store audit data back to the office. Retail audit software can help to increase the efficiency of retail operations and improve field reps productivity.
VisitBasis retail audit software is a complete data collection solution to for managing, scheduling, and monitoring field team activities in real-time. VisitBasis offers the following advantages:
  • Visits and tasks can be scheduled by the office or on the mobile app
  • Field reps or office managers can optimize customer routes
  • Office managers visually assign stores to field reps, using a map
  • Field reps have access to all data offline and can execute tasks without an Internet connection
  • Unlimited photos can be collected and uploaded to the office
  • Fraud prevention by GPS tracking of all field activities
  • Product catalog and orders/returns with multiple price lists and must-stock lists
  • Field reps can switch from one mobile device to another during the workday without losing any data.

When you adopt VisitBasis retail audit software you can expect the following benefits:

  • Fast and accurate data collection – VisitBasis retail audit software helps to collect store data in a more efficient way. The VisitBasis Retail Execution App allows companies to replace paper forms with mobile forms and to capture data with ease. All the data collected in stores is instantly synced with corporate database and can be further integrated with any back end system.
  • Easier collaboration, globally – VisitBasis provides retail data centralization and aggregation allowing field reps and field team managers to collaborate within a single corporate system. Since VisitBasis retail audit software is a Google Cloud implementation it provides 24/7 access to corporate database from anywhere.
  • Data-driven decision-making – VisitBasis retail audit software helps field team managers to make better decisions by getting real-time data from points of sale with web-based dashboards and generating reports that are always up to date. Field reps can also share the reports via e-mail.

The main competitive advantage of VisitBasis retail audit software is that you can get it completely free. Just register at, download free mobile app on Google Play or App Store and you are ready to start your retail audits automation.