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Step Up Your Company's Merchandising Game with VisitBasis Retail Execution

When it comes to the real impact on sales numbers, marketing and sales stimulation activities at or around the point-of-sale (PoS) are as important as the attributes of the product being sold. This is why the choice of a mobile merchandising solution is so important: The right tool will allow your field reps to perform more effectively, increasing sales, while helping you save costs. VisitBasis is a complete merchandising system that offers unique features for merchandising agencies and departments alike. Since it was designed by merchandisers, for merchandisers, it translated some essential business requirements into differentials that make VisitBasis an ideal solution: Pay-as-you-go and cost-effective - VisitBasis is the only mobile merchandising solution that charges by the visit and not by user/month, eliminating license issues due to rep turnover. Every mobile activity is GPS and time-stamped - Fraudulent check-ins become easy to detect and dealt with. Custome

Mobile Merchandising Software: Increasing the Effectiveness of Retail Campaigns After Christmas

The New Year has started and with it comes the anxiety over sales figures for the post-Christmas season. But how can merchandising operations increase the effectiveness of retail campaigns and try to overcome the naturally lower-paced market? Beyond having a strategy in place, merchandising operations needs to make sure that these retail campaigns are implemented in a consistent and successful way, and VisitBasis Merchandising App can help businesses achieve just that. By providing real-time tracking and monitoring of in-store merchandising activities along with advanced task building, visit planning and scheduling, and CRM capabilities, among others, VisitBasis helps merchandising management take control over what is happening in the field and make sure that retail campaigns are appropriately implemented and followed through. See for yourself how VisitBasis can help your merchandising operations - sign up today at ! Free downloads on Google Pl

Control Your Merchandising Reps Using Retail Visit Management App

What are your merchandising reps doing? In merchandising operations, not delegating is not an option. It is a given that managers and supervisors need to empower their field team members in order to make in-store strategies happen. However, much control is lost over extremely important activities, such as planogram implementations. VisitBasis offers a way for management to be in the field at all times. It provides tools that help pinpoint potential threats to the success of merchandising strategies, such as fraudulent check-ins. VisitBasis is a complete retail merchandising system designed to build, schedule and monitor field team activities in real time, consisting on a mobile app where field reps perform in-store activities and a browser-based management interface. VisitBasis Merchandiser App features include: ·        Visit planning and scheduling. ·        Advanced task building, including photos, signatures, and more. ·        GPS and time-stamping of all

Merchandiser Software: Overcoming Challenges in Merchandising Operations

On a day-to-day basis, those who manage merchandising operations have to deal with many challenges that are complex to overcome, mostly because the business is all about supervising multiple people in multiple locations. Challenges in merchandising include issues that could affect the outcome of thoroughly thought-out strategies, and eventually impact sales figures. Fraudulent check-ins by field merchandisers and reps is one of the most common issues faced by the business and up until recently difficult to deal with, since noticing something wrong meant going in detail through loads of paperwork. VisitBasis Merchandiser Software virtually eliminates fraudulent check-ins among merchandising teams by allowing supervisors to track and monitor each field rep's activities in real time and by GPS and time-stamping every activity. It is a complete retail merchandising system designed to build, schedule and monitor field team activities in real time. It provides tools fo

Optimizing Merchandising Operations with VisitBasis

VisitBasis can make a real difference when it comes to managing merchandising operations . Because it was developed by merchandisers for merchandisers, VisitBasis provides all the elements needed to actively implement in-store programs and monitor them step-by-step, allowing managers to make adjustments as needed and long before the final results come in. With VisitBasis Merchandising App , merchandising and field operations managers are able to: Easily manage user, customer, and product databases and assign territories accordingly. Create advanced task templates with actions that include photos and signatures, among others. Effortlessly schedule recurring visits , weeks or even months in advance and calculate the shortest customer route for each field rep. Know where each mobile user is at any point in time and get up-to-the minute information on the activities being executed at the point-of-sale. Generate reports with detailed timing and location information.

Android and IOS Retail Merchandising Software Solution

Merchandising is one of the most complex operations units of any business involved with consumer goods, mostly because it involves a large number of people and data. Management can easily get lost among all the data that field reps, key account managers, and other mobile agents - in addition to customers - generate. VisitBasis comes as a solution to merchandising businesses and departments alike, as it is   cloud-based enterprise data collection SaaS software for managing, scheduling, and monitoring field team activities in real-time. It allows field sales/marketing operations managers and supervisors to oversee all stages of the in-store activity process, from assigning territories , visits and tasks to retrieving up-to-the minute results through VisitBasis online dashboard and reports. Meanwhile, field personnel will have all the data they need at their fingertips, including the best customer route for the day, and will be able to perform all merchandising activities