Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merchandising Software – Taking Advantage of Analytics Tools

Most of the companies today use merchandising to build brands and attract customers. Many of these companies also practice regular merchandising audits, which is essential to ensure compliance in retail. Retail merchandising audits involve gathering data from points of sale on location of products, prices, stock levels, promotion efforts, and other associated aspects.

The important thing that should be noted is that gathering and aggregating retail data is not enough for developing successful marketing strategies. The essential step for getting data-driven insights is transforming data, collected by merchandisers at retail locations, to information that gives meaning and context.

When it comes to merchandising, one of the easiest way for businesses to get useful information for decision-making is adopting a proper king of merchandising software solution. The most sophisticated merchandising applications with built-in analytics tools, which ensure that data processing results is reliable information useful for decision making.

Retail data becomes increasingly easier to analyze with merchandising software solutions such as VisitBasis. When it comes to transforming retail data into information, VisitBasis merchandising software is one of the most complete and easy-to-use retail data collection systems on the market. The main advantage of VisitBasis merchandising software is providing customers with different ways of data analysis, so users of all backgrounds (and not only "IT people") can quickly get the information they are looking for.

VisitBasis Analytics Tools

  • VisitBasis Reports make it easy for managers and supervisors to extract data collected by merchandisers in spreadsheet format and create with just a few clicks their own reports in tools such as Excel and GoogleDocs.
  • VisitBasis Simple Query allows users to customize retail data display by applying filters and organizing rows and columns. Data collected by merchandisers can then be exported in spreadsheet format and preferred views can be bookmarked for later use.
  • BigQuery data access for tech-savvy users allows for advanced querying of data sources and also permits connections from external apps through REST APIs.
  • VisitBasis Analytics is a one-touch solution for visualizing compiled data in chart format. It is fast and easy way to get information by any user with analytics privileges, including merchandisers, and it can be accessed on any PC, Mac or mobile device. Reports can then be saved to PDF or printed.

Visit www.visitbasis.com to get your free trial, or book a free live demo to see how retail data analytics works on VisitBasis merchandising software.

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