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Automating Merchandising Operations: Best Practices

Managing merchandising activities can be quite a challenge, as managers and supervisors are overwhelmed with lots of data in retail locations. But this can be easily changed thanks to mobile technology that helps organize retail data and business processes. When merchandisers have tools that enable them to work more efficiently, office managers can easily achieve company’s goals and increase the effectiveness of retail campaigns. Here are the best practices to develop highly organized merchandising activities and speed up decision-making. Switch to paperless data collection to streamline retail data workflow. In today’s mobile-driven world you can find an app for everything, and retail data collection is not an exception. Merchandising applications for tablets and smartphones empower merchandisers to collect retail data faster and help supervisors manage tasks, ease collaboration and track goals in a more efficient manner. Choosing a SaaS merchandising solutions allows ha

How a Merchandising App Can Help Companies Increase Sales Numbers

When the New Year begins retail companies are usually anxious over sales figures for the post-Christmas season. When it comes to winning the naturally lower-paced market, merchandising activities is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of retail campaigns . In order to maximize the value of retail merchandising operations, a company needs to make sure that marketing campaigns are implemented in a consistent way, and merchandising software is a simple solution to achieve just that. If a company needs to increase its sales numbers, merchandising activities at retail locations are as important as the characteristics of the product being sold. This is why automating merchandising activities in the field using mobile technology is so important: The up-to-date data collection solution will allow your merchandisers to perform more effectively, while helping you save costs. Merchandising software provides real-time tracking and monitoring of in-store merchandising

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Merchandising Software – Eliminating Data Storage Costs

Looking for the ways to reduce costs of retail merchandising activities and increase productivity of your mobile workforce? This can be easily achieved by leveraging mobile technology into merchandising operations. Merchandising software solutions provide paperless retail data collection in order to streamline data workflow and significantly reduce or even bring to zero data storage costs. Retail data collected by merchandisers, who use mobile forms, requires much less space than paper sheets and therefore costs less money. In order to store 2 million paper documents, an organization can expect to spend between $40,000 and $60,000 on filing cabinets alone. Those same files could fit on fewer than ten CD-ROMs (Business Guide to Paper Reduction) . To store retail data completely free and have 24/7 access to all the information from anywhere, the most tech-savvy companies in retail opt for Cloud-based merchandising solutions . The up-to-date data collection SaaS provid

Merchandising Software: Mobile Workforce Tracking

Merchandising software is designed to fully automate retail data capture in the field. Besides data capture, merchandising software provides companies with all necessary tools to manage mobile workforce, monitor field activities and communicate with merchandisers directly via mobile merchandising application for tablets and smartphones. When it comes to monitoring merchandisers, companies face significant challenges arising from the specific of their work. Merchandisers collect store data outside the office, which makes impossible to monitor their performance with your own eyes. To track field activities, you need to leverage mobile technology that can provide real-time picture of retail conditions in the field, and merchandising software is a unique solution for CPG and FMCG companies to track their merchandisers working outside the office. Merchandising Software as a Mobile Workforce Tracking Tool – How Does it Work Office managers plan retail visits for merchand

3 Ways To Enhance the Level of Motivation Across the Retail Merchandising Team

Merchandisers’ turnover is a common thing in retail, but still it impacts customer relationships and company’s bottom line. Therefore, motivation of merchandisers is one of the most important components of management a retail merchandising team. Merchandisers, who feel satisfied and engaged with their work, are more productive and efficient. In the same time, motivating merchandisers, who are constantly on the go, can be quite a challenge. Merchandisers spend most of their workday outside the office, collecting retail data at various locations. It’s no wonder that their motivation is down. When it comes to job satisfaction, wage is not always on the top of the list. For outside employees feeling part of a team and being appreciated is at least as important as financial rewards. Getting no feedback from the management, merchandisers, begin to look elsewhere for a place where they’ll feel valued and appreciated. Keeping your merchandisers motivated allow to minimize cos