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Pay-As-You-Go Software = Ticket to Savings

In yesterday’s post “Pay-As-You-Go: The New Approach to SaaS” we talked about the advantages of pay-as-you-go charges versus the traditional per user/month system and all the extras one has to pay for when using a subscription-based software service. But how does VisitBasis ’ new pay-per-use system for its Mobile Retail Execution and Merchandising Tool translate into savings for real-life businesses? Let’s see two case studies.* Small business in the food sector: 1 office-only user – owner  1 mobile user – sales/field marketing Average of 4 visits/business day Competition monthly cost: $60 (2 users) VisitBasis cost for 88 visits: $17.60 Monthly savings: $43.40 Regional food broker - sales and marketing agency: 4 office-only users – sales and operations management, merchandising, admin 15 regular mobile users – retail execution team 3 seasonal/temporary mobile users Average of 7 visits/mobile user/business day Competition monthly cost: $660 (22 users) VisitBasis

Pay-As-You-Go: The New Approach to SaaS

In the new world of SaaS (Software as a Service) it seems very convenient to think of software licenses as monthly subscriptions. However, one can quickly loose track of what is being paid for, especially when these subscriptions feel like a good deal in comparison to paying the full software license upfront. This is why VisitBasis developed the new and innovative pay-as-you-go approach to its mobile retail visit planning and management tool. With this new payment system, customers are only charged for visits actually started, at the rate of $0.20 per visit, with no minimums. For customers of all sizes this can translate into significant savings comparing to the traditional pay-per-month approach, since they will only be paying for active users and their usage and not for office-only/admin users and idle periods (such as weekends, holidays, configuration and setup, etc). See in the below chart a comparison between VisitBasis’ pay-as-you-go and the traditional pay-per-month system

VisitBasis - the Only Pay-As-You-Go Retail Execution Solution on the Market!

VisitBasis has just launched its pay-as-you-go payment system, turning its comprehensive mobile platform into the only pay-per-use Retail Execution and Merchandising solution on the market. Read our full press release. Now users will only pay for the visits actually started, at a rate of $0.20 per visit . This means: No licenses or contracts. No full-month payment per user. No charge for office-only admin users. Full flexibility on the number of users - temporary or seasonal users can be added or removed at any time. Unlimited number of devices per user. Sign up today and get $50 in visit credits: That's the equivalent of 250 visits! Read our full press release.

VisitBasis Unveils the Only Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Retail Execution Solution on the Market

Innovative pay-per-use system allows for greater budget flexibility by charging on a per-visit basis and doing away with license and subscription costs. Miami, Florida (PRWEB) September 19, 2014 VisitBasis web interface Account tab, with the new pay-as-you-go system. Up until now, Retail Execution and Merchandising professionals had only two payment options when it came to automating their field team activities: They could either invest a considerable amount in a software license (which sometimes lasts for only one year) or they could pay a monthly per-user fee. Both options have been proven inconvenient, not only because of budget constraints but also due to the frequent account issues resulting from user turnover, especially when one considers that Retail Execution and Merchandising is a fast-moving industry that sometimes relies on seasonal or temporary field agents. With that in mind, VisitBasis has launched the pay-as-you-go system for its mobile retail visit planning a

VisitBasis – Built for Businesses of All Sizes

Any small business owner can tell how costly it is to start up a new company, and the costs that are incurred in addition to producing the actual product one wants to sell. So it is hard to justify investing hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars a year in one piece of software, even though it would help with order placement and the improvement of product presentation at the point-of-sale, which could lead to more sales. VisitBasis  is a complete in-store execution and merchandising tool, and it was designed with businesses of all sizes in mind. For small businesses, VisitBasis offers, among others: Easy to configure web interface, straightforward app, no software installation or deployment necessary – no need for IT department or consultant. Scalability – VisitBasis was designed to grow with you and your budget. A homemade gourmet food operation could start-up with only one person in charge of everything and probably with an irregular schedule of retail visits, so it will only

Take Full Advantage of the Latest Cloud and GPS Technologies with VisitBasis

What if you could be in the field “virtually”, knowing where your field reps are and what visits and tasks they have completed for the day? With VisitBasis you can. VisitBasis makes use of the latest Cloud and GPS technologies and puts them to work for trade marketers, merchandisers and sales managers: With real-time dashboard, map and reporting you track all visits and tasks being performed by each one of your mobile agents, and every single activity is time and geo-stamped. GPS technology is also a key element to increasing rep productivity: with tools like Route Optimization your reps will spend more time on visits and less time on the road. VisitBasis runs on Google Cloud, a solid and robust environment that you can count on for the best service availability even if your company is multinational and runs in different countries and time zones. Being on the Cloud also makes it possible for reps to work on VisitBasis offline, and the system will automa

BYOD with VisitBasis - Not Only Cost-Saving but also a Time-Saving Solution

Retail Execution and Merchandising is a fast-moving business, having no time to waste with issues such as lack of field rep productivity. With tools such as advanced task setting, visit verification, route planning and ordering, VisitBasis allows for a dynamic workflow and improved communication between management and field agents. With the high turnover rate of some areas of the business, especially the ones that call for seasonal work, it is very costly to provide equipment for every single field agent, not only due to gadget price but also the time that goes into training. VisitBasis provides a uniform interface across most smartphones and tablets available today on the market, so mobile agents can bring their own devices - the ones they are already used to operating. Summarizing, with VisitBasis: No need to invest in costly equipment - field agents can bring their own devices. VisitBasis works seamlessly accross iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets.  No training

What kind of Results can you Expect when you use VisitBasis?

When you begin to use VisitBasis you will promptly realize that it is a high quality web interface and mobile app solution that will make all your retail execution operations a lot easier to task and organize utilizing the user-friendly dashboard, and that you can customize in as much or as little detail as you warrant necessary. Immediately you will notice the following: Boost Return on Investment  Sales will skyrocket as you mobilize your field team and empower them with essential tools and data that will increase daily productivity, retail visits, sales and customer relations. Maximize Retail Visits Value  By utilizing VisitBasis for retail execution and merchandising, field reps will significantly show improvement in coverage and task executions with VisitBasis bulk scheduling and task assigning feature.  Manage your Field Reps Effectively When you implement VisitBasis into your daily operations - field reps will be able to use data collection features, which allows f

Mobile Data Capture on Tablets and Smartphones using VisitBasis

Mobile Data Capture features are readily available for you and your merchandising operation when you use VisitBasis mobile app. Data capture is a feature that is paramount to the success of merchandisers and their field agents. You will have access to the most advanced and progressive Mobile Data Collection features when you implement VisitBasis Merchandising Mobile app for all your retail execution needs. Tablet and smartphone Data Capture features will grant you the access to essential tools that are needed for high quality and successful retail visits. VisitBasis - Mobile Data Capture Features: Mobile Forms Convert field tasks with mobile forms for tablets and other mobile devices. Create your customized layout to include items like pictures, signatures, etc. Workflow Process Manage and oversee all field work tasks and the development of workflows. Offline Use Collect Data offline and sync automatically when internet services become available. Data Integration Utilize A