Monday, April 10, 2017

How Software Increases Accuracy of Retail Store Audits

Retail store audits are unavoidable. Besides allowing management to verify compliance with corporate standards, audits are a part of preventive control record-keeping requirements and also a way to safeguard businesses against lawsuits.

Stores, however, have been slow in automating audits and pen and paper checklists are still the norm, raising several concerns especially when it comes to record-keeping.

Retail store audit software brings many benefits to businesses, among them:

  • AccuracyBy using mobile retail store audit software, store staff can perform activities on smartphones and tablets, allowing them to fill in detailed forms as well capture pictures and signatures. Management can then instantly generate a single audit report document with all the elements included as soon as the activity is finished and data is synchronized.
  • Easier record-keeping
    Retail store audit software allows for easy searching and reporting of previous audits, making it much easier for managers to locate historical records.
  • Faster resolution of issues
    By implementing a retail store audit software solution and having the right audit checklists, management and corporate can more easily identify specific issues and address them accordingly, without loosing time in data transcription.

VisitBasis retail store audit software makes it easy and straightforward to manage retail audits. VisitBasis runs in the Cloud, assuring that your retail data is accessible to you at any time, from anywhere. It works on common Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, allowing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) implementation to reduce hardware costs to your company.

VisitBasis retail audit software is extremely easy to deploy – and you can start up completely free! Just register for a free trial at and  download the free VisitBasis app from Google Play or App Store.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Preventing Losses with Retail Store Audit Software

Profit margins in retail businesses are known to be razor thin. For instance, according to Sageworks, a financial information company, in 2014 US grocery and related merchant wholesalers were within the least profitable industries, with profit margins at only 2.3%.

These razor-thin margins make loss prevention a priority in retail, since the slightest slip has the potential of negatively impacting a store's bottom-line. Therefore, profit preservation must be a continuous part of every retail store day-to-day operations.

Retail store audit software can help retailers avoid losses and maximize profits by allowing managers to create a culture of awareness among all its employees.

By using retail store audit software to implement recurring inspections, not only is store management able to identify discrepancies in hard parameters, such as shelf inventory numbers, but also to generate regular reports on such inspections and then more quickly spot trends. This more agile reporting provided by retail store audit software - in addition to automatic notifications provided by some solutions - makes it easier for managers to pinpoint areas of the store that are more susceptible to out-of-stocks, shoplifting, slips and falls, or open/damaged items, for instance.

Likewise, retail store audit software can also be management's best friend when it comes to promoting the most profitable products at the store. More than inventory auditing, state-of-the-art retail audit store software allows merchandisers to use mobile devices to perform activities such as visual compliance checks and customer surveys.

VisitBasis is a comprehensive retail store audit software for businesses of all sizes. VisitBasis allows creating task templates for everything that needs to be checked at the retail location as well as instant access and analysis of the information collected, providing a budget-friendly and easy-to-use system that helps managers take full control of store audits.

See how VisitBasis can help your retail business in its loss-prevention efforts - sign up today for a free trial or schedule an online demo!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Effective Reporting for Retail Audits and Merchandising

reporting for retail audits and merchandising
VisitBasis PDF visit summary reports
Retail-related activities generate a lot of information. However, reporting for retail audits and merchandising can be quite intimidating, and reading through sheets and sheets of data is hardly an effective way to pinpoint in-store issues that might be affecting retail sales. In that scenario, important issues such as frequent out-of-stocks can get lost within the large amount of information coming from different reps and locations.

Therefore, for retail businesses such as CPG manufacturers and sales and marketing agencies, it is imperative to have an effective system in reporting for retail audits and merchandising in addition to data collection. Reporting for retail audits and merchandising can be a powerful tool for any sales organization that wish to have a thorough understanding of their retail channels.

VisitBasis is a complete mobile data collection software solution that offers a state-of-the-art package for retail businesses, and includes:

  • Mobile data collection in Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, with full online/offline capabilities.
  • Full customization of in-store instructions, checklists, and forms, allowing managers to create not only mission-type activities – such as setting up displays, performing audits or customer surveys – but also ad-hoc tasks for mission-critical scenarios, as in the case of out-of-stocks or damaged products.
  • Real-time field activity tracking with map-based dashboards, GPS verification of visits, and instant notification of specific activities.
  • Advanced reporting for retail audits and merchandising activities, with straightforward data filtering options that deliver targeted reports in seconds and produce instant PDF documents for viewing and sharing.

Learn more how VisitBasis can improve your reporting for retail audits and merchandising: sign up for a free trial at or request an online demo!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Keeping an Eye on Your Retail Competition with Retail Merchandising Software

In supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, etc., competing products can be side-by-side on a shelf. Therefore, for the consumer, it becomes easy to differentiate and the alternative to the original product choice is readily available, just inches away.

This is why in retail, more than in any other industry, it is of utmost importance to know what your competitors are doing at the points-of-sale. 

But how is it possible for merchandising managers in their offices inside corporate headquarters to keep track of region or chain-specific, ever-changing, competitor strategies?

Retail merchandising software is the answer to that question. With retail merchandising software, field reps have the power to - with the help of an app on their smartphones or tablets - capture point-of-sale competitor information, as well as other relevant product and category information.

Once field reps finish their visits, the information they captured will be readily available on the office interface of the retail merchandising software, and merchandising and marketing managers will be able to view and analyze competitor strategies.

In a nutshell, thanks to the access to the competitive intelligence it provides, retail merchandising software leads to informed decision-making when developing retail strategies.

VisitBasis retail merchandising software is the ideal solution for marketing and merchandising managers that are looking for ways to monitor their competition at each point-of-sale. VisitBasis provides a complete solution that includes full customization of the tasks performed by field reps at the stores, as well as real-time access to visit results through web-based dashboards and reports.

Interested in learning more about retail merchandising software? Schedule an online demo or sign up for a free trial!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Simplifying Merchandising Reporting

Reporting on retail merchandising activities can be challenging. Locating useful information within a large amount of data coming from different sources is tricky so, most times, important information gets un- or underreported on, like recurring out-of-stocks.

Mobile retail merchandising solutions can help CPG businesses to produce timely and relevant reports not only by dramatically speeding up data collection and eliminating transcription, but also by providing merchandising report samples.

These merchandising report samples perform a "pre-filtering" of store data to display information in a way that becomes easier to apply additional filter options, export data to spreadsheet or other reporting software, and to simply generate PDF reports for sharing and emailing.

VisitBasis is a mobile retail merchandising software that allows you to quickly and easily monitor point-of-sale marketing through merchandising report samples, so you can easily access and share POS visit information. VisitBasis allows for straightforward access to data from overall results all the way down to the individual store visit information. This allows for an in-depth merchandising analysis that enables uncovering any holes that could potentially be hindering success.

Besides merchandising report samples, VisitBasis also provides real-time field activity tracking with map-based dashboards, GPS verification of visits, and instant notification of specific actions.

The below video shows some of the available sample merchandising reports available to VisitBasis users. To learn more about VisitBasis, go now to and request an online demo!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Small Steps in Field Marketing Can Mean Large Boost in Sales

Field marketing is mandatory when it comes to promoting retail channel sales. From product distribution to store auditing and sampling promotions, field marketing is the most certain way for CPG brands to tweak their message and get in front of the right customers.

But with such and array of different activities being performed by sometimes a virtual army reps, it can be difficult to manage and track the results of field marketing initiatives.

Mobile technology has proved to be ideal for retail marketing: Field marketing software allows reps to perform in-store activities on their mobile devices. It eliminates paperwork and makes it easy to coordinate and track field reps and their activities.

Adopting a field marketing software solution can translate into a large sales boost. Field marketing software will:

  • Help enforce brand consistency
    A recent study from the National Association of Retail Marketing Services (NARMS) found that retailers who achieve planogram compliance can realize a 7.8% increase in annual sales. Field marketing software helps enforce brand standards by improving communication between brand management and field marketers.
  • Speed up decision-making on mission-critical scenarios
    No stock means no sale.  An out-of-stock also brings the risk of losing a customer and, with it, market share. Field marketing software makes it easy to spot out-of-stocks and can even send automatic notifications to the responsible people and/or departments.
  • Streamline competition analysis
    If a product is priced too differently from its competitors, it might send a wrong message (Cheaply made? Too expensive?). With field marketing software, reps can frequently report on price and other parameters, allowing brand owners to swiftly act on correcting discrepancies as soon as they are reported and analyze trends to make educated projections.

VisitBasis is a complete field marketing software that offers unique features for CPG and FMCG companies, merchandising agencies, and sales and marketing organizations alike.

Want to see a field marketing app in action? Schedule a live demo or sign up for a free VisitBasis trial!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Reaching the Full Sales Potential of Retail Stores

Attractive product presentations are a sure way to increase retail sales. According to a recent survey, 90 percent of shoppers will fall for impulse buys and purchase items not on their shopping list.

That is why retailers carefully study and use planograms (or POGs) in arranging products, fixtures and displays throughout their stores. An effective planogram will promote the products with the higher margins and maximize the sales potential of each store.

Retail merchandising software helps retailers in making sure that their planograms are properly implemented. With retail merchandising software, planogram managers at headquarters or regional offices can better communicate their plans to field reps and store personnel, and actually see what is actually implemented at each store, without leaving their desk.

A retail merchandising software solution will allow local retail staff to:
  • Use their own or shared mobile devices to audit store sets, resets, and seasonal displays.
  • Access planogram images and PDFs to make sure instructions are being properly followed.
  • Communicate discrepancies to decision makers, achieving faster resolution to issues that could potentially hurt store profits. 

VisitBasis is a retail merchandising software solution that provides managers and supervisors the opportunity of managing planogram implementation and auditing in real time. VisitBasis was developed by merchandisers, for merchandisers and it improves communication between office/planning and field staff, leading to better store layout and sales outcomes.

Ready to take your planograms and retail space planning to the next level? Sign up today for a free trial of our retail merchandising software at