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Planogram Compliance: Make It a Breeze with Merchandising Software

Proper merchandising is the key to boost sales and improve brand loyalty. A planogram is an important merchandising tool, designed to streamline presenting products to consumers. Planogram development and execution is the essential part of merchandising strategy. A  well-executed planogram  encourages shoppers to make a purchase, and even buy more products than they had intended to. Arranging related products within reach of each other, at the proper shelf level, and at the right price, retailers stimulate sales. FMCG and CPG organizations mostly use text-based planograms while Apparel & Accessories companies prefer visual planograms and presentations to better identify each product. The main purposes of creating planograms are the following: To indicate the amount of space and store location for various products. To increase in-store compliance. To provide inventory control. To present new ideas for product displays. If your company is not using planogra

VisitBasis Merchandising Software in Questions and Answers

What is VisitBasis Retail Merchandising Software? Retail merchandising software is a comprehensive field activity management and store data collection solution, designed to automate merchandising activities in the field. It consists of the office application for managers and supervisors, and the mobile app working on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones for merchandisers. Why do companies implement VisitBasis Merchandising Software? Merchandising software allows streamlining field merchandising activities and provides real-time data exchange between the office and the field. VisitBasis merchandising software also provides powerful analytic capabilities, allowing managers and supervisors to analyze merchandising performance, identify trends and make strategic data-driven decisions. Merchandising software is a tool to get the inventory plan right, avoiding out-of-stocks and product returns. How Does VisitBasis Work? Office manager schedules recurring visits for f

Merchandising Software: Improving Inventory Management & Preventing Out-of-Stocks

Out-of-stocks is truly a nightmare both for suppliers and retailers. According to a new research report from retail analyst firm IHL Group, retailers lose $634.1 billion in annual losses due to out-of-stocks. Lost sales not only significantly impact a company’s bottom line, but also damage brand trust and result in lower customer loyalty. The most common reason why a customer leaves the store without the item he was willing to buy, is empty shelve. The other reasons include mismatch of price, claimed in ad or promo, and actual store price; and lack of assistance in choosing or finding the product. Advanced technology can help retailers address all of these problems, improving logistics and reducing out-of-stocks. Much of out-of-stocks occur due scattered business processes, disordered data workflow, resulting into big time gaps between a store visit and appropriate company's actions. The up-to-date merchandising software solution provides real-time data exch

Field Team Management Software Through the Eyes of Your Field Reps

The reasons why the managers should like field team management software are obvious. Fast and simple scheduling, real-time monitoring of field activities, powerful analytic capabilities and streamlined data workflow allow managers to perform their duties in the most efficient manner, freeing up time to make better decisions. The problems usually begin when it comes to the adoption of a field team management system by field representatives. There are different reasons why they may not like the new order of things, but nevertheless the problem must be solved as soon as possible, otherwise the whole idea of field service automation is at risk. The most common reason why companies face resistance from field reps, when implementing field team management software, is the fear of changes. The unwillingness to be constantly monitored and controlled also defines field reps’ negative attitude to field team management software. The only way to overcome field rep’s r