Thursday, December 31, 2015

4 Ways to Improve Your Merchandising Performance

Companies around the world use merchandising to establish positive experience between brands and consumers. Merchandising is one of the basic aspects of retail management that allows analyzing product placement and display in order to stay competitive and to maximize sales.

Merchandising software is designed to streamline data collection activities and reduce data collection costs. Below you’ll find some ways to improve merchandising performance by virtue of a merchandising software solution.
  • Organize store shelves to make them more appealing to consumers. Merchandising software gives merchandisers an opportunity to act faster improving shelf organization and be more efficient. Built-in photo reports, barcode product search, and automated data entry are the essential tools designed to control product’s location, the number of facings and price, and make sure that there are no gaps between products on the shelf.
  • Maintain proper stock levels to prevent negative impact on sales numbers and brand image. Implementing a merchandising software solution with ordering capabilities is the best way to reduce negative impact of out-of-stocks as well as damaged and overstock items to your business. A comprehensive merchandising software solution allows merchandisers to make product orders and returns from any store with just a couple of clicks on a tablet or a smartphone. Moreover, when using a mobile data collection system, merchandisers can view recommended order quantities and order history on their mobile devices to create reasonable orders.
  • Ensure promotional compliance. Merchandising software is the best tool to ensure your promotions are being followed in compliance with your marketing strategy and your POS materials are properly used at retail locations. Merchandising software allows easily creating planogram check task forms using MSL (Must Stock List) and product counts and supplementing data collection forms with text notes, images, PDFs, videos, and other files, useful for compliance-checking activities.
  • Know your customers. Merchandising software allows conducting customer surveys to capture accurate, live data that can be analyzed in real time back at the home office. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to increase sales. Whether you are processing customer or employee surveys, or market research surveys, sort your report data using sophisticated retail merchandising software filters to get the information you really need at a click of a button.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Operate Big Data in Retail

In today’s business environment retail data analysis is a key to increasing productivity and gaining competitive advantage. Big data as the way companies connect with customers is especially promising for retailers. Regular merchandising audits allow companies to better understand their business processes and get insights for successful marketing strategies.

Gaining acceptance for big data can be less challenging for a company with a proper type of merchandising software. Although today there is great variety of merchandising software solutions on the market, not all of them offer equal capabilities to users.

To maximize the value of retail merchandising audits, a company should look for a comprehensive type of merchandising solution, which includes analytic capabilities. The most sophisticated merchandising software solutions provide instant data analysis and reporting through Web-based dashboards along with export/import features to integrate your data with third-party software if necessary.

The up-to-date merchandising software allows gathering various types of retail data including:
  • Customer data (retailers’ location, contact information, price-lists, history of orders and returns, feedback, and brand loyalty)
  • Product data (product location at store and on the shelf, quantitative parameters of the layout, pricing, order amounts, inventory levels, and out-of-stocks)
  • Competitor data (competitors’ products, prices, marketing strategies, market share, and customer profile)

Each type of data provides specific insights to build brands and improve company’s bottom line. For example, by capturing and analyzing customer data companies are able to:
  • Better understand consumers’ needs and requirements
  • Identify highly profitable/troublesome customers
  • Specify promotions and product offerings to each customer
  • Design personalized marketing
  • Detect “lost” or dormant customers to win them back
  • Make sales forecast for the future.

Product data analysis allows:
  • Getting insights on how different products are selling in different locations
  • Achieving optimal inventory levels across stores leading to improved efficiency at the supply chain level
  • Evaluating the product demand at points of sale
  • Adjusting your products to better fit each location
  • Finding optimal mix of product types and quantities via each store. 
  • Having the information on which products are sold faster than others 
  • Identifying most profitable products
  • Predicting potential out-of-stock situations
  • Maintaining proper inventory levels at each store

Competitor analysis as a substantial part of marketing strategy allows getting a good indication of industry leaders’ marketing strategies. When analyzing competitors’ data, companies are able to:
  • Assess their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop effective strategies to improve competitive advantage
  • Use targeted marketing when competing with those surrounding brands

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merchandising Software – Taking Advantage of Analytics Tools

Most of the companies today use merchandising to build brands and attract customers. Many of these companies also practice regular merchandising audits, which is essential to ensure compliance in retail. Retail merchandising audits involve gathering data from points of sale on location of products, prices, stock levels, promotion efforts, and other associated aspects.

The important thing that should be noted is that gathering and aggregating retail data is not enough for developing successful marketing strategies. The essential step for getting data-driven insights is transforming data, collected by merchandisers at retail locations, to information that gives meaning and context.

When it comes to merchandising, one of the easiest way for businesses to get useful information for decision-making is adopting a proper king of merchandising software solution. The most sophisticated merchandising applications with built-in analytics tools, which ensure that data processing results is reliable information useful for decision making.

Retail data becomes increasingly easier to analyze with merchandising software solutions such as VisitBasis. When it comes to transforming retail data into information, VisitBasis merchandising software is one of the most complete and easy-to-use retail data collection systems on the market. The main advantage of VisitBasis merchandising software is providing customers with different ways of data analysis, so users of all backgrounds (and not only "IT people") can quickly get the information they are looking for.

VisitBasis Analytics Tools

  • VisitBasis Reports make it easy for managers and supervisors to extract data collected by merchandisers in spreadsheet format and create with just a few clicks their own reports in tools such as Excel and GoogleDocs.
  • VisitBasis Simple Query allows users to customize retail data display by applying filters and organizing rows and columns. Data collected by merchandisers can then be exported in spreadsheet format and preferred views can be bookmarked for later use.
  • BigQuery data access for tech-savvy users allows for advanced querying of data sources and also permits connections from external apps through REST APIs.
  • VisitBasis Analytics is a one-touch solution for visualizing compiled data in chart format. It is fast and easy way to get information by any user with analytics privileges, including merchandisers, and it can be accessed on any PC, Mac or mobile device. Reports can then be saved to PDF or printed.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Keeping Your Merchandisers Engaged – Best Practices

When your team works outside the office, driving engagement is usually harder, taking more effort and investment. Keeping your merchandisers inspired and motivated is more difficult when they are constantly on the go. Nevertheless, an engaged merchandiser, who is aware of company’s marketing goals and ready to work hard to realize them, is a real competitive advantage for a company.

Developing engagement requires a two-way relationship between merchandisers and their managers. Today, with the development of mobile technologies and mobile merchandising software solutions, keeping your merchandisers engaged is easier than ever. To keep your merchandisers engaged and motivated, simply implement the right type of merchandising software with proper communication features, so your managers can easily build positive two-way relationships with merchandisers, who are out of the office.

Merchandising software allows implementing effective engagement techniques to make your merchandisers feel a part of the team. To help you keep your merchandisers engaged, VisitBasis prepared the recommendations listed below. With these four techniques driving engagement does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Hope it works!
  1. Provide the two-way communication between merchandisers and back office. The up-to-date merchandising applications provide built-in messenger and automatic notifications on the activities performed. When managers are always aware of the needs of merchandisers they can react more quickly to point of sale situations, requiring their attention, improving customer service and efficiency. Feeling connected, merchandisers are more engaged and motivated.
  2. Make merchandisers’ job less manual and more rewarding. Merchandising software is essential when it comes to providing your merchandisers with mobile access to information and the up-to-date data collection tools. Empowering your merchandisers with a merchandising application for tablets and smartphones allows capturing data faster while minimizing mistakes.
  3. Mark merchandisers’ progress. Merchandising software allows managers to link their engagement efforts to performance by easily evaluating how merchandisers are performing in the field. Real-time dashboards and reports provide real-time access to KPIs for the managers, so they can get valuable insights to tell merchandisers how they’re doing and where they’re fit in.
  4. Cheer merchandisers to get more of good performance. With merchandising software solutions managers and supervisors are able to monitor merchandisers on the map getting time-stamped and GPS-confirmed data on routes and tasks performed. Built-in messaging capabilities allow managers to quickly send a message to thank a merchandiser for the task performed, instantly reinforcing the right behaviors, or make timely remarks to give him an opportunity to improve performance.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Using Mobile for Retail Merchandising Activities

With the development of mobile devices the growing number of companies take advantage of mobile technologies to improve merchandising efficiency and increase revenue. Present-day mobile merchandising solutions are affordable and easy to use, which makes their implementation a must in our mobile fast moving world.

VisitBasis merchandising software allows merchandisers to easily collect store data, performing retail visits and merchandising inspections using just their tablets and smartphones. VisitBasis merchandising application is designed for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones and provides a lot of advantages for merchandisers and their managers.

Merchandising Software: Key Features for Managers

While merchandisers perform data collection activities on their mobile devices, eliminating paperwork, their managers and supervisors are able to:
  • Design task templates assigned to field merchandising teams to get the exact information needed from retail locations
  • Manage all merchandising-related issues including tasks, schedule of visits, territories, product and customer catalogs, field reps database, and analytic reports in one easy-to-use system.
  • Monitor in real time merchandising activities in the field, getting time-stamped and GPS-confirmed data on travel routes and results of merchandiser’s work.
  • Generate with just a few clicks up-to-the-minute 
  • reports based on the data collected, using filters and different formats to get the exact information that is needed at the moment.

Merchandising Software: Key Features for Merchandisers

While managers and supervisors are able to manage all merchandising activities using just one comprehensive merchandising software solution, merchandisers enjoy their work made less manual and more rewarding since they are able to:
  • See the schedule of retail visits and tasks assigned in their mobile devices
  • Access customer and product databases on their tablets and smartphones
  • Capture retail data faster using automated data entry, bar code scanner, built-in photo reports, and electronic signatures
  • Instantly report back without spending a minute due to automatic synchronization
  • Add new customers and optimize travel routes via mobile application
  • View the history of previous visits to retail locations
  • Capture data offline and synchronize when internet connection is available.
Start your mobile merchandising today with VisitBasis – the most affordable and easy-to-use merchandising software solution on the market. Sign up for a free trial at or schedule a free live demo to see how it works.