Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Integrating Mobile Technology Into Your Merchandising Operations in 6 Simple Steps with VisitBasis

Today making your merchandising operations mobile is easier than ever. In fact, you don’t need to install bulky and expensive CRM system to make your merchandising operations mobile. The up-to-date merchandising software solutions operate in the Cloud, run common mobile platforms such as Android in iOS, are extremely easy to deploy and manage, scalable and affordable for small businesses.

VisitBasis is a mobile data collection and field representative management software for businesses with field merchandising, field sales and store audits operations. VisitBasis merchandising software solution is designed to schedule and monitor merchandising activities, providing the most complete set of tools for field merchandising audits in one great package. Through the implementation of a structured approach for merchandising audits, VisitBasis simplifies data collection and analysis. Due to our field merchandising software’s intuitive design, even the most complex merchandising planning procedures are made simple. Here are 6 easy steps to help you integrate mobile technology into your merchandising operations.
  1. Sign up for a free trial with VisitBasis at and schedule a free live demo to see how merchandising software can automate your merchandising activities in the field.
  2. Import your customer and product database into VisitBasis. Using VisitBasis export/import features you can easily transfer all reference data, customer, products, visit and etc. Built-in video tutorials in VisitBasis Office App are designed to help you with each operation.
  3. Create mobile users’ profiles, so they can collect store data using their tablets and smartphones. Make them download the VisitBasis Mobile App from Google Play or App Store. It’s free for any number of users and each user can more than one device, switching between them during a day if necessary. The VisitBasis Mobile App allows BYOD implementation, so your merchandisers can use their own tablets and smartphones.
  4. Set up task forms for everything that needs to be checked. Use the VisitBasis Task Builder to easily develop customizable data collection forms. To make an electronic order form, you just have to create a task template, enter actions, which have to be performed, and choose the proper type of answer (e.g. number, multiple choice, text, photo or electronic signature). Supplement the tasks with multimedia attachments like planograms, if necessary, so you merchandisers can have better understanding of the task.
  5. Schedule retail visits and add tasks to be performed. After you imported products and customers, set up your merchandisers profiles and developed task forms, now you are ready to plan your merchandisers’ visits to retail locations. VisitBasis merchandising software allows creating a schedule of visits individually for each merchandiser or in bulk, for any period of time. You can clone visits and tasks for any number of merchandisers and manage territories with just a few clicks using the VisitBasis map tool.
  6. Enjoy your streamlined data workflow and powerful capabilities of automated merchandising system. As soon as retail visits are scheduled, the information is instantly available for merchandisers through the VisitBasis Merchandising Mobile App. Your merchandisers get access to all the data on customers, retail locations, products and tasks and can work more effectively using automated data entry, built-in photo reports, bar code scanner and other tools for retail data collection. You’ll start getting real-time retail data as soon as first visit is being performed – all the data collected in the field is automatically synced with your corporate database and instantly available for analysis. The reporting is automated, so your merchandisers don’t have to visit the office to report back. All the data collected in the field including photos is geo-tagged and time-stamped to eliminate fraud.
Ready to take the advantages of merchandising software to streamline your retail data collection? Start today with registering at or scheduling a free demo to see how it works.

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