Thursday, June 16, 2016

Implementing Sustainable Merchandising

In the factory-to-customer cycle, merchandising is one of the most wasteful processes. From the fuel consumed by field reps to the amount of paper used in traditional audits and surveys, on top of promotional and seasonal displays, it is easy to see why merchandising is considered “eco-unfriendly”.

A field merchandising app can make a world of difference when it comes to sustainability. By adopting a field merchandising app, CPG and FMCG businesses can expect the following:
  • Virtually eliminate the use of paper in in-store activities such as planogram checks, audits, surveys, and orders, among others. A state-of-the-art field merchandising app will also allow for instant access to the data collected, slashing the time and cost spent on data entry.
  • Considerable savings in rep travel time and fuel thanks to the route optimization functions of field merchandising apps that automatically calculate the shortest store rounds.
  • A cross-platform field merchandising app will allow reps to use the mobile devices they already own, eliminating the need to purchase new equipment.
As you can see, in an economy that demands sometimes significant cost cuts in order to achieve lean business operations, a field merchandising app can be invaluable not only when it comes to budget savings but also in reducing the environmental impact of merchandising activities.

VisitBasis Field Merchandising App is a complete mobile data collection solution designed to build, schedule and monitor field team activities in real time. It provides tools for all types of field merchandising activities, including planogram checks, audits, inspections, surveys, POS asset management, training, sampling and product demonstrations, among others.

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