Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Merchandising: Weekly Reports Can Be a Reality

Old-style merchandising analysis - where data capture was performed with pen and paper - presented several challenges for management, including the fact that reports were few and far between and, because of that, most of the time contained outdated information. Running merchandising weekly reports seemed therefore impossible.

Mobile merchandising apps made it possible for management to have up-to-the-minute access to data captured at stores.

VisitBasis is a mobile merchandising app that allows reps to answer questionnaires and fill in checklists on their own smartphones and tablets. As soon as a store visit is finished, the captured data is synchronized with the Cloud and office-based category and channel managers can immediately run their own reports.

You can, therefore, see how VisitBasis will be used to run weekly or even daily merchandising reports, helping to increase supervision as well as promotion and planogram compliance at the store level.

Besides spreadsheet-type reporting, VisitBasis additionally provides a task-based graphic report interface called VisitBasis Analytics that quantifies form answers to display plotted chart results. This makes it possible for management to know at any point in time the percentage of out-of-stocks for a certain SKU at one or more stores, streamlining decision-making to speed up replenish and prevent loss in sales.

VisitBasis Analytics can help category and retail channel managers produce the following merchandising weekly reports:
  • Out-of-Stocks
  • Share of shelf
  • Product positioning on shelf and/or store
  • Product pricing
  • Promotional pricing
  • Competitor pricing
  • New competitor products
Would you like to see how a merchandising weekly report for your business needs would look like? Sign up for VisitBasis free trial at www.visitbasis.com.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

3 Ways to Save with a Mobile Merchandising App

mobile merchandising app
Most retail manufacturers, distributors, and agencies have adopted a mobile merchandising app system for performing in-store activities. The advantages are clear, from having all data in digital format from the moment it is captured to the ease of scheduling and planning in-store tasks for reps.

But a mobile merchandising app will also translate into tangible savings, that include the following:

Save paper
The virtual elimination of paperwork is the most obvious advantage of adopting a mobile merchandising app. Besides being a waste of natural resources, paperwork in retail merchandising is messy and unsightly and normally leads to human error in all steps of the data collection process, whether when the rep is filling in a checklist or when the data is being transcribed.

Save time
When a rep fills in a questionnaire or checklist on a mobile merchandising app, the data gets sent directly to the Cloud, where managers can instantly access it. This means that there is no more waiting until forms are transcribed: Order fulfillment can know literally within seconds when an out-of-stock was reported by a rep.

Save aggravation
The high rate of rep turnover makes in-store merchandising one of the most volatile areas of a retail-focused business. Mobile merchandising apps not only increase rep responsiveness and engagement, possibly reducing turnover, but they also improve the quality of deliverables provided by reps, since many of the solutions available on the market have foreign language and geotagging capabilities and can also capture photos in addition to checkboxes and text.

VisitBasis is a mobile merchandising app that allows you to quickly and easily implement a cost-efficient in-store data collection system with no need for technical knowledge.

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