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Retail Merchandising Software

Today every CPG and FMCG company can significantly improve merchandising performance by implementing some type of software solution for paperless data collection. There is a lot of merchandising software solutions on the market that can provide your business with paperless data collection capabilities to improve the effectiveness of your merchandisers in the field and reduce operational costs.

Once you’ve decided to automate your merchandising activities in the field, the next step is to choose the right type of merchandising software. To maximize the benefits of going paperless and make the process of rolling out a merchandising software solution smooth, opt for up-to-date mobile merchandising applications that operate common software platforms like Android and iOS and are extremely easy to deploy.

Here at VisitBasis, we’ve designed a complete merchandising system that integrates with each operation in your business. VisitBasis merchandising software is designed to meet the market demand for simplified retail data collection and mobile workforce management. VisitBasis is all-in-one merchandising solution for tablets and smartphones that provides the most complete set of tools for merchandisers and their managers in one great package.

Accompanied by the latest Cloud and GPS-technology, VisitBasis merchandising software provides powerful web-based platform for supervising of field teams. Empowered with the VisitBasis Merchandising App, your merchandisers collect retail data using their mobile devices, while their managers and supervisors monitor all field activities on the map and see task results in real time.

If you are looking for a way to simplify and improve your organization’s merchandising processes, VisitBasis merchandising software solution should deliver the following benefits:
  • Visits and tasks can be scheduled by the office or on the mobile app
  • Merchandisers or office managers can optimize travel routes
  • Office managers visually assign stores to merchandisers, using a map
  • Merchandisers have access to all data offline and can execute tasks without an Internet connection
  • Unlimited photos can be collected and uploaded to the office
  • Merchandisers can switch from one mobile device to another during the workday without losing any data

Ready to take the advantages of merchandising software to streamline your retail data collection? Start today with registration at or scheduling a free demo to see how it works.


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