Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tracking On-Shelf Availability Has Never Been Easier

Tracking on-shelf availability and planogram compliance used to be the bane of every category manager's existence since it is literally impossible to physically supervise many stores over large geographical territories. Having a merchandising team in place definitely helps, but gathering information on pen and paper through many people tends to lead to many entry errors.

Merchandising software has eased the lives of category managers with digital data collection, but still, they have to deal with many solutions not meant for the specific purpose of tracking on-shelf availability at stores.

Some merchandising software, however, do have embedded solutions for properly tracking on-shelf availability, and they include:

  1. The ability to set up SKU distribution or must-stock-lists by store, set of stores or chain
    This allows the mobile app to display only the products that should be available at each location, reducing the possibility of merchandiser mistakes.
  2. Fully customizable forms
    By allowing category managers to fully customize forms, merchandising software more than just a way to track on-shelf availability and planogram compliance. Fully customizable forms enable many other in-store activities - such as customer surveys, sets/ resets, and competition assessment - using the same platform.
  3. GPS and time stamps
    Information on on-shelf availability of items is only valuable if backed up by location and time data. A fraudulent check-in, for instance, may result in extra shipments to a store that does not need them.
  4. Instant access to captured data
    The timeliness access to on-shelf availability of items is of utmost importance since a lack of products at stores means no sale.
VisitBasis merchandising software provides all of the above solutions for streamlining on-shelf availability and planogram compliance checks. From any desktop or notebook, category managers have immediate access to survey reports as soon as the reps close their visits, and are able to plan ahead using the data captured.

See today how VisitBasis can help you keep track of your product's on-shelf availability. Sign up for a free trial at www.visitbasis.com.