Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Role of Photos in Retail Execution

The opportunity to view complex information in a visual format cannot be underestimated. Integrating visual content into your retail execution process improves efficiency and drives engagement, working the same way as in social media and on TV screens. If your field reps are obliged to make photo reports, the chance they’ll manage shelves as good as they can is bigger.

The most effective way to integrate visual content into your retail execution process is to adopt a comprehensive mobile data collection software solution for retail audits, merchandising activities and field sales. Of course, you can empower your field reps with digital photo cameras, so they can make photo reports at points of sale, but in today’s mobile world it’s not reasonable to buy separate devices for work that can be done using employees’ smartphones. Still, when your reps use cameras, built in their mobile devices, for reporting, it’s necessary to transfer the data into corporate database and streamline all the photos manually, which is time-consuming and ineffective.

Retail execution software makes attaching photos to task performance reports a breeze, allowing streamlined visual data workflow and instant reporting without spending anyone’s time at all. As soon as a photo is made, it is automatically transferred to a corporate database, so managers and supervisors can always have real-time picture of retail conditions. All photos, taken by field reps, are geotagged and time stamped, which eliminates fraudulent reporting.

The other benefit of retail execution software is that it makes visual data exchange reversible. The up-to-data software solutions for retail execution allow supplementing task templates with images, PDFs, presentations and even video files. You can also manage electronic product catalog with photos of items attached, or add photos of assets and planograms to customer’s information. All this data is instantly available on your field reps’ tablets and smartphones from anywhere.

Ready to move your retail execution into the next level? Enhance your merchandising and retail auditing with visual content using VisitBasis Retail Execution Software. VisitBasis provides companies an opportunity to integrate visual content into retail execution process, streamlining visual data workflow and allowing managers always have clear picture of what is going on at each retail location.

VisitBasis Retail Execution Software allows you to manage your visual information in the following ways:
  • Add photos to product information
  • Add images of customer assets to customer catalog
  • Attach as many visual content (images, PDFs, presentations, video) to customer as you like
  • Use photo as the required type of answer for store visit task templates
  • See the task execution results, all task answers including photos and signatures as the data becomes available during the day
  • Review task log for last minute comments/photos related to performing the task
  • Analyze store performance using time stamped and GPS-confirmed photos
The most important thing about VisitBasis Retail Execution Software is that it's a Cloud implementation, which allows transferring big amounts of data, like images and videos, very quickly. Unlimited photos can be collected and uploaded to the office, and field reps have access to visual data offline and can execute tasks without an Internet connection. Our clients collect 70-100 photos per user per day using VisitBasis Retail Execution mobile app.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Benefits of Mobile Order Management

Mobile order management has significant advantages compared to paper-based order processing. By implementing mobile order management companies get the following benefits:
  • Improve order accuracy. Mobile order management helps eliminate paperwork and reduce data entry mistakes. Taking orders using tablets and smartphones allows company to completely refuse the use of paper forms, which means no more re-entering orders.
  • Increase the efficiency of your sales workforce. Mobile order management reduces the time for order processing, allowing your sales reps and their managers to concentrate on more important things than manual data entry.
  • Enhance better customer service, shipping faster. Orders, taken by sales reps on a smartphone or a tablet, instantly sync to a company’s back office and are available for further processing by sales managers.
  • Acquire more customers. Mobile order management solutions allow field reps to add new customers to the corporate database on the go, in just a few clicks.

VisitBasis Retail Execution is a Cloud-based order management software solution allowing sales reps and their managers to take orders, perform all kinds of merchandising activities, collect store data, and create analytic reports using Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

With thousands of users worldwide, 7 languages available, and 24/7 access to corporate database from anywhere, VisitBasis Retail Execution is a comprehensive order management app that suits all sizes of businesses.

VisitBasis Retail Execution Software works seamlessly with iPads, iPhones, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, enabling sales reps to quickly make orders at points of sale. With must stock lists, recommended order quantities for each item, and historical order data it’s easier for sales reps to make reasonable orders.  Automated data entry and mobile tools like built-in bar code scanner and electronic signatures, make order taking faster eliminating mistakes.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Mobile Order Taking on Android & iOS with VisitBasis

Looking for a simple and powerful mobile ordering system? VisitBasis Field Sales makes orders fast and easy using Android and iOS tablets and smartphones and provides wide capabilities to service your customers’ needs.

Built-in bar-code scanner allows field reps to add items to an order by simply scanning. Automated product selection reduces time for product search, while minimizing mistakes. When order is complete, it’s instantly available at the office for further processing due to automatic synchronization. Customer database and product catalog allow field reps to quickly access the information on points of sale, products, prices, recommended quantities, and must stock lists. Using VisitBasis Field Sales App for order taking, your field reps are always able to view previous orders and returns, identify past out-of-stock patterns to get data-driven insights for the next orders. VisitBasis Field Sales App also allows managing price lists and discounts and adding text notes to orders. All orders are GPS-confirmed and signed electronically.

VisitBasis Field Sales App is a comprehensive retail execution solution that is not limited by your order taking needs. Having VisitBasis App on their tablets and smartphones, your field reps are able to conduct retail audits, market research, and customer survey, perform merchandising activities, make photo reports, manage inventory levels, and analyze competitors. VisitBasis Retail Execution system is a great all-in-one solution for field service-based CPG and FMCG companies.

Top Features  for Field Reps

Purchase Orders and Returns          
  • Orders/return task                                 
  • Price lists                             
  • Customizable invoicing                                   
  • Must stock lists
Product Catalogue            
  • Unlimited product list                              
  • Product photos                             
  • Product divisions                                   
  • Barcode scanning 
Store List         
  • Unlimited store list                                  
  • Territory management                           
  • Contacts                              
  • Assets inventory                           
  • MSL/Planograms
Mobile Data Collection              
  • Photos tasks                                 
  • Surveys & audit tasks                            
  • Planogram compliance task                            
  • E-signatures                                 
  • Offline/online data capture
Multimedia Documents             
  • Task attachments                                  
  • Store attachments                                 
  • Product attachments & product images

Top Features for Sales Managers and Supervisors 

Visits/Tasks Scheduling            
  • Planning from office/mobile                             
  • Bulk scheduling                            
  • Route optimization 
GPS & Time Tracking
  • Tagging tasks & photos                                  
  • Real-time workforce monitoring                               
  • Timekeeping 
Analytics & Reports          
  • Visual analytics tools                             
  • BigQuery reports                                   
  • Photo reports                                
  • Timesheets reports                                
  • Task results Excel reports                              
  • Simple Query reports                             
  • GPS reports                                                             
  • Full history mobile access 
  • Role-based security                               
  • Teams management                              
  • Reports sharing with 3rd party
  • Excel export/import                                
  • REST API                    
  • BigQuery API

Ready to move your retail execution to the next level? Visit to get your all-in-one order taking App free of charge.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Retail Merchandising Service Automation: Increase Sales and Improve Productivity of Your Mobile WorkForce

Retail merchandising service automation can instantly improve your merchandisers’ productivity and company’s bottom line. VisitBasis is a Cloud-based software platform, which automates all merchandising activities that companies perform on a daily basis. It’s a comprehensive easy-to-use solution that covers all the variety of field merchandising activities.

VisitBasis merchandising software is designed for companies that want to reduce expenses and improve productivity of retail performance. Whether you're a small business or a big company VisitBasis Merchandising Software will eliminate most of the time-consuming operations associated with selling. VisitBasis Merchandising Software is the ultimate way to overcome such challenges as enlarging customer base and products catalog, expanding sales force, higher customer expectations, and increased competition.

Empowered with the VisitBasis Merchandising App, merchandisers can manage shelves, inventory levels, pricing, POS materials, promotional stands and displays; perform customer surveys and competitors analysis; and instantly report to supervisors using just their tablets and smartphones.

If you are planning to automate your retail merchandising service, VisitBasis merchandising software should deliver all the following benefits:
  • Time saving. VisitBasis merchandising software allows you to manage territories among your merchandisers, schedule and plan visits, optimize merchandisers’ routes to reduce their downtime. VisitBasis merchandising software helps to automate most of the time-consuming tasks, such as scheduling retail visits, managing customers, tasks tracking, and reporting.
  • Real-time information for supervisors. VisitBasis merchandising software enables supervisors to quickly estimate situations at points of sale and easily turn these estimates into orders.  GPS tracking helps monitor all merchandising activities live on the map. The office managers can easily access merchandisers’ timesheets using VisitBasis Web-based dashboards and reports.
  • Better customer service. With VisitBasis merchandising software you will be able to improve your merchandising team bottom-line by reducing their time traveling to appointments, planning routes, accessing information and automated reporting so they can spend more time interacting with customers.
  • Lower costs. Your team can bring their own devices as the VisitBasis Merchandising App can run on any Android & iOS smartphone or tablet and looks and feels exactly the same. There is no limit on the number of devices each user can use the same time.

Sign up now at and start your retail merchandising service automation today! Free downloads from Google Play and App Store for any number of users!