Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How Software Forever Changed Retail Inspections

Retail inspections used to be a clumsy affair, from the amount of paper that had to be carried around and then stored to the lag time between an auditor performing the inspection at a retail location and a manager actually reading it.

Here are some ways in which retail inspection software revolutionized the industry:
  1. Virtual elimination of the use of paper
    Paper forms were the norm in retail inspections. The use of retail inspection software means that auditors fill out forms on their smartphones or tablets. 
  2. Reduction in errors
    Not only they paper forms had to be carried around, but they also had to be transcribed. Retail inspection software allows managers to create custom electronic forms with selection fields, photos, and signatures, and the data is synchronized automatically. This means that there is less room for misunderstanding questions from a paper form as well as less errors while transcribing the forms into a database.
  3. Faster decision-making
    It could take hours, or even days, for an operations manager at a central office to be notified of a potential problem detected during a retail inspection. From the time they left the retail location, inspectors had to log the data into a system - or worse, fax the form to someone who would do that - then the data had to be compiled, analyzed and sent to the appropriate stakeholder. Retail inspection software makes it possible for management to have real-time access to inspection results, and to act almost immediately to correct any issues.
  4. Data safety
    Paper forms can get lost or misplaced, and storing data on company equipment and servers has its own security challenges. Most retail inspection software store data on the cloud, meaning that collected data will be safe with the latest security and encryption technologies.
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Wish You Could Have a Crystal Ball to Predict Sales Results? This Can Help You.

Every sales manager gets anxious for the end of the month, when sales results come in and it becomes possible to know whether the organization is on track for the fiscal year, or not.

Sales tracking software makes it possible for managers to monitor day-by-day sales operations, allowing them to visualize every sales call for every rep in any territory. This makes it easier not only to see the numbers as the orders come in, but to spot situations that might prevent successful results and act faster to correct the course.

For instance, with a sales tracking software sales managers would be able to tell that a specific sales rep is seeing fewer costumers than desired every day. Or maybe a certain retail location has consistent out-of-stocks for a best-selling product and could place larger orders less frequently, freeing its sales rep to visit other customers. A state-of-the-art sales tracking software with mobile app for field reps may even eliminate in-between-calls or after-hours reporting and free up rep time to call on more customers.

More than a monitoring tool, sales tracking software can therefore become an invaluable instrument in mentoring outside sales reps so that revenue numbers will consistently grow.

VisitBasis is a comprehensive sales tracking software: It improves communication between sales management and the field so outside reps can have all the tools they need to succeed at their fingertips. And there is no need to invest in new hardware since the free VisitBasis mobile app works on most smartphones and tablets.

With VisitBasis Sales Tracking Software field reps are able to:

  • Place orders and supply call-related information from wherever they are;
  • Calculate the best route for the day, saving time and travel costs;
  • Have access to customer and product databases, including the ability of adding new customers.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Secret Weapon of Successful Outside Sales Managers

Outside sales management is one of the most stressful positions in any organization. Besides having the managerial responsibilities that any supervisory role entails - including hiring, developing, and overseeing subordinates that sometimes spend weeks in the field - outside sales managers are also accountable for the most important part of any business: revenue generation.

Conciliating these responsibilities while maintaining full oversight of what is going on in a sales territory can be challenging, to say the least. Here is where an outside sales app can mean the difference between make and break: By automating field sales teams, enabling them to collect customer call information on their mobile devices, management has real-time access to what is going on in the field, leading to better mentoring and faster decision-making.

Other benefits of adopting an outside sales app include:
  • Mobile ordering with bar code recognition, virtually eliminating off-call reporting activities
  • Optimized GPS routing in order to improve the number of sales calls per day 
  • Call scheduling and planning integrated with Google Calendar
  • True online/offline capabilities, so reps are able to work even if they don't have coverage
  • Instant notifications of specific tasks (such as orders) or visits to key accounts 

It is very easy and cost-effective to implement an outside sales app: watch the below video on how to get started with VisitBasis.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

3 Top Reasons Why Mobile Technology has Become a Must-Have in Retail Merchandising

In the past few years, mobile technology has caused a revolution in retail merchandising, to the point it is now indispensable. Here are the top reasons why mobile merchandising has become a must-have in retail:

  1. Access to information at the point-of-sale: With mobile merchandising, reps can have immediate access to a multitude of information, from category and product presentation to detailed store data. This means knowing the store manager's name or accessing the location's specific plan-o-gram without having to go through paperwork or making phone calls. Instead, mobile merchandising apps give instant access to these critical pieces of information with just a couple of taps and swipes.
  2. No more admin people or tasks between reps and management: With a "legacy" merchandising system in place, throughout their workday, field reps collect merchandising information at the POSs, then either file reports online or send their paperwork to a person who will do it. This extra step means that information can get lost or misread, and that a lot of time has passed since the potential detection of a problem and its resolution. Mobile merchandising eliminates the intermediaries between data collection and analysis, so category managers can be on top of what is happening at the points-of-sale.
  3. Quality and precision of information collected: A top-of-the-line mobile merchandising system allows decision makers to design custom forms and request the exact information needed, with little room for guessing or interpretation errors. It is also possible to capture photos and signatures and the data will be GPS- and time-stamped, making sure it was collected at the right place and time.

Want to see a mobile merchandising system in action? Watch the below video and schedule a live demo today!

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Friday, May 13, 2016

How to Take Your Store Audits to the Next Level

Collecting audit information on several retail locations is a monumental task mainly due to the amount of data it generates.

Store audit software help retail businesses streamline the store audit process all the way from scheduling and planning visits to compiling data and generating reports.

More than merely reporting on past situations, though, state-of-the-art store audit software allows retail operations managers to view and act on audit findings in real time. For instance, it is possible to set up the store audit software so a manager will automatically receive a notification if one of the auditors finds an out-of-stock or a safety violation.

VisitBasis web-based checklist templates allow field reps to easily perform customized in-store tasks, spending less time on data collection and minimizing mistakes. All the data collected in the field, including photos, is GPS-confirmed and time-stamped to prevent fraudulent check-ins and reports.

With VisitBasis Store Audit Software, field team managers can easily monitor all field activities in real time using web-based dashboards and reports to identify situations that require their attention and receive automatic notifications of any critical findings.

Watch the below video to see how to set up automatic notifications on VisitBasis:

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unlock the Power of Sales Force Automation to Increase Profits

Sales force automation has so many benefits that it has become no longer optional. The key to successfully automate sales forces, however, relies on the tools and systems chosen to support such automation.

With the right sales force automation software, your company will be able to:
  • Virtually eliminate the use of paper by trading order forms, reports and even sales literature for their electronic equivalents.
  • Save on travel reimbursements and maximize customer-facing time by calculating the shortest customer round for each day.
  • Implement revenue-boosting strategies by communicating more effectively with your reps through visit checklists and notes.
  • "Be on the field" with each rep by monitoring their activities and location.
  • And much more.
Sales force automation software, therefore, gives companies a powerful tool that handles all steps of field sales management, from planning and scheduling of retail visits to analyzing results.

Now that you have decided to implement sales force automation, the next step is to choose the right sales force automation software for your company's needs and requirements.

VisitBasis is a powerful sales force automation software that has the scalability necessary to adapt itself to each company's specific needs. With state-of-the-art cloud and GPS technologies, VisitBasis sales force management solution is a powerful web-based platform for monitoring field sales activities and real-time supervising geographically dispersed sales teams.

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