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See How Santa Claus Can Use VisitBasis to Plan and Track Christmas Deliveries!

Yesterday we sent out our Holiday card and we got many questions on how Santa and his North Pole Elf team could actually use VisitBasis to plan and track Christmas deliveries. So we decided to make the following video to show it.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays! Give your business the gift of effective visit planning and tracking. Create your free account today at !

VisitBasis Wishes Everybody a Joyful Holiday Season!

See VisitBasis in Action - Check Out our Mobile App Overview Video!

VisitBasis Launches New Version in Spanish and Portuguese with Additional Features

New capabilities include GPS verification of visits and tasks performed, as well as the ability to generate photo reports Miami, FL - VisitBasis has just released a new version of its field activity and visit management system. This new version is available in Spanish and Portuguese , in addition to the already existing English and Russian environments, for both its browser-based office interface and its mobile app. It comes as an answer to the requests of VisitBasis growing customer base both in the United States and in Latin America. Additionally, this release comes with extended features: GPS Validation of Visits and Tasks Visit Details/GPS window on VisitBasis with GPS Confirmation Previous versions of VisitBasis Retail Execution already had extensive GPS monitoring capabilities. Now their developers made it easy to access confirmation that the visits and tasks assigned to a rep were performed at the customer location they were supposed to be. This helps in the detec

6 Steps for Conducting a In-Store Audit Using Retail Audit Software

In a highly competitive environment it’s critically important for the retailers to plan and apply coordinated strategies. To assess success a retail strategy needs to be regularly monitored, evaluated and revised if necessary. Regular retail audits allow to investigate a company's goals and strategy and also give you a reading on customers’ reactions to your product that translate into their satisfaction and loyalty. A retail audit checklist allows you to organize your walk-through. You should not forget that this is just one element of a retail auditing strategy as an ongoing, integrated process of interrelated steps. Therefore retail audit checklists should be created considering all the stages of a typical retail audit process. So before building a retail audit checklist make sure that you took into account the following steps. The first step  is to decide  who will be responsible for retail audits performance.  Retail audits can be conducted using a company’s workf

Territory Management is not an Option for Outside Sales

Territory management is an essential part of any field sales management job. However, even best-selling CRM systems overlook this important tool, or the feature is “not enabled by default” or “optional” (i.e. more expensive). Mapping capabilities give field operations and outside sales managers the ability to view customers on a map and assign them to reps, taking the guesswork out of territory management, but is considered a “premium” feature. There are many field activity management tools on the market these days and many of them have, in addition to standard territory management, CRM capabilities and/or the possibility to connect with existing CRMs through APIs and export/import. When shopping for a field activity management system, companies must consider the ease of assigning territories to outside reps. Take a look at this video an see how straightforward it is to assign territories on VisitBasis Retail Execution , the only pay-as-you-go of such systems on the market: