Friday, July 31, 2015

Offline Mode Slashes Costs of Mobile Data Collection

Wireless data plans become optional as software providers introduce offline data collection.

Mobile data collection has been transformative in retail-related businesses that include manufacturer merchandising, sales and marketing companies, and point-of-sale auditing.

However, many companies - especially small to medium-sized - have been reluctant to adopt this cost and time-saving technology, not because of the cost of the mobile data collection software but due to the wireless data charges associated with having hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of field reps using cell phones and tablets to do their jobs.

VisitBasis, the award-winning software company from Hallandale Beach, FL, has been a pioneer in solving this dilemma: Its retail mobile data collection solution comes with offline capabilities since the very beginning.

On the VisitBasis App, when field reps and auditors select to work on offline mode, they synchronize collected data only when they are connected to the Internet over a Wi-Fi network, reducing wireless data charges to virtually zero. In this way, they could technically connect to the Internet only twice a day: Once in the morning to download the visits and tasks that should be performed throughout the day, and in the evening to upload the information collected.

VisitBasis offers a complete field team management solution for merchandising, field marketing, retail audit and outside sales, comprised of a web-based admin and supervision interface, and a mobile data collection app for field reps. The VisitBasis App works on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Three-Step Guide to Finding the Right App for Field Team Management

With the development of mobile technologies, sales team management software has evolved into a comprehensive tool that lets you manage field sales, retail audits, marketing and promotions, merchandising activities and more than that in all-in-one easily accessible solution. However, there is a lot of confusion when comes to choosing the right field team management software for your sales reps. Due to the great variety of vendors and types of software for salespeople it’s often hard to make the decision of what is the best sales app for your company.

When choosing a software solution for sales teams, managers mostly consider it’s cost. Without diminishing the importance of the cost, it still should be noted that there are some other points to consider when choosing a software solution for field team management. Generally the best field team management apps for your field reps are largely dependent on the needs of your company. Getting this right upfront will save you budget and time, so before choosing a software solution for your field sales team you should answer the three main questions to determine what type of software is more suitable for your company.
  1. What is the size of your company and your field team? Not all field team management solutions are created equally. Some companies offer a massive bunch of software solutions with a wide range of products, which involve the need to train field reps on new tools and environment. These solutions suit for big companies, who can afford to invest heavily in technology and training. If your sales team is not really big, you probably don’t need this type of software. You’d better choose a smaller product size that will meet your specific needs and has certain scalability, so you can customize the solution, when your company grows. 
  2. What features do you need to optimize your company’s business processes?Field team management software can make managing sales teams much easier, while also helping your field reps to perform tasks in a more efficient manner. To choose the right type of software for your field reps without making them overwhelmed by it’s features and capabilities, you simply have to identify things that are is most important for your business and need to be optimized. In other words you should answer the question: what needs improvement in my business? This can be field reps tracking, sales forecasting, order management, performance evaluation and so on. Knowing what is critically important for your business allows you to easily navigate in great variety of features and opportunities that field team management software vendors offer to customers.  
  3. What other type of software the new application needs to be integrated with? To easily incorporate the new field team management solution into your workflow, you should think out how it will integrate with other programs and applications your business already uses. Even a comprehensive solution for field team management needs to communicate with special purpose software, such as, for example, accounting programs. To provide smooth integration and maximize the value of field team management software, look for vendors, who have experience with your specific kinds of integrations.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Using Technology to Maximize Your Field Reps Sales Potential

If the top priority for your business is to maximize sales, then you definitely should concentrate your efforts on maximizing your field reps sales potential. Your field sales team is the most important productivity engine that provides the overall effectiveness of sales process. 

If you want to increase productivity and effectiveness of your field reps, you need to provide your sales team with the right technology and tools to stay ahead the competitors and meet customer needs. Here are some of the best practices we have seen for maximizing your field reps sales potential:
  • Give your field reps the up-to-date mobile devices. Instead of relying on paper of bulky laptops, invest in tablets and smartphones. Modern mobile devices such as as iPads, iPhones and Android tablets and smartphones, allow your field reps to have mobile access to corporate data. Empowered with sleek mobile devices, your field sales reps are able to quickly access product catalog, presentations, videos, history of orders and returns and etc., having all the information they need for successful sales. With tablets and smartphones even the simple operation, like email on the go, becomes faster, allowing your field reps to spend more time with customers and maximize their sales potential.
  • Utilize the right sales tools. Today there are many useful business apps for tablets and smartphones that enable your field reps to optimize sales procedures. If you want to organize field sales team workflow in a centralized place, it’s reasonable to adopt a field team management solution to help your field reps sell better and faster. Field reps applications provide all the tools for field sales on mobile devices, making retail execution a breeze. Automated data-entry, electronic order forms and real-time data exchange with the office: all of this represent the excellent means to maximize your field sales reps potential. When your field reps don’t have to spend time on filling-out paper forms, completing reports or visiting the office to get the schedule, they can concentrate on sales better then ever.
  • Collaborate through the Cloud. Cloud technology not only allows getting the best service availability and high-speed data exchange, but also provides unique opportunities for sales team collaboration worldwide. Adopting a Cloud solution for field team management is particularly important if your company is multinational and runs in different countries and time zones. Cloud solutions encourage field team members to share their results and experience, making reps feel connected to the rest of the team. Being on the Cloud also makes it possible for field sales reps to work offline, and the system will automatically synchronize once an Internet connection is established.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

4 Tips to Make Field Reps Love Your Field Team Management Solution

When it comes to the advantages of field team management software, the vendors usually emphasize how it is great for business and for management. But what is good for management may not be that good for field reps, making them resist the innovation for various reasons. Field reps often complain that company’s field team management system is not user friendly, hard to maintain, and that they have to do too many clicks to perform a task, enter information to customer profile, or make a report.

To make present-day technologies friendlier and get your field reps to appreciate it, you simply have to choose the right type of software. Your performance in the field determines the success of the company, so it’s critically important to give your field reps the tools they will love to use. Below you’ll find what kind of field team management software features can make field reps love it.

Simple, user-friendly interface      This is, actually, the mail reason, why people generally do like any software solution. If a field team management solution is easy to use, your field reps will gladly perform all the activities from one place, improving efficiency and productivity of retail performance.

An opportunity to bring-your-own-device – If your field team management solution allows BYOD implementation, your field reps don't have to switch attention between their own and a company-owned devices. Starting new tasks and activities becomes easier and faster with BYOD, as field reps are confident in devices they use, and there is no learning curve to overcome.

True offline capabilities – If your field team management software solution has offline capabilities, your field reps can perform all the tasks using offline devices and be automatically synced when the Internet connection is established. Being able to work offline, your field reps don’t have to worry about the connection, and have no need for paper alternatives when Internet connection is unavailable.

Cloud implementation – Being on the Cloud also makes it possible for field sales reps to access data from anywhere, anytime. Besides cloud software solutions provide the best service availability and immediate data exchange. All the information about the actions, performed in the field, is available for managers in real time, so your field reps don’t have to spend time completing reports.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Raising the Level of Motivation Across the Sales Team

Motivating field reps, who are constantly outside the office can be a daunting task. Furthermore, field team managers are so often overwhelmed with paperwork, that they don’t have neither time no enthusiasm to think of how to keep remote employees satisfied and engaged with their work. One of the ways to get employees motivated is by implementing field team management software solution that allow reducing the burden on managers and helps motivate field reps through the following things:

  • Compensation. Most of field reps can be motivated successfully by money. Field reps motivation through money commonly comes in the form of performance bonuses or extra benefits like company-owned cars or mobile devices for work, vacation trips, fitness club cards snd so on. Field team management software helps easily identify top performing field reps, allowing managers to track all the activities in the field in real time and analyze results through Web-based dashboards and reports.
  • Appreciation. If field reps don’t get positive feedback from the office, they have no idea whether or not they are doing a good job. Hearing from the management only when something went wrong makes field reps frustrated and demotivated. That’s why to keep the level of motivation high, it’s critically important to reward field reps with personal attention, showing appreciation. Field team management software provides companies with communication framework, allowing managers to communicate with field reps in real time. Managers can easily be thankful and specific, when showing appreciation, writing comments and feedbacks to specific tasks, which are instantly seen by field reps. When field reps realize their operations are constantly being watched and appreciated if done properly, their motivation is growing.
  • Inspiration. The best way to make field reps feel as a part of the team is to allow sharing their creative ideas with the management. Field team management software allows field reps to make notes to tasks and visits, and field team managers can instantly see that. Besides, empowered with great variety of mobile tools, like photo reports, automated data entry, bar code scanner, electronic signatures and electronic orders/returns, field reps can perform their duties more quickly and efficiently, feeling satisfied with job done and able to move mountains.

Compensation, appreciation and inspiration are the key components to motivate field team members successfully. By implementing a field team management solution a company can strengthen the effect of these three simple measures, getting the employees exited about their work and eager to perform all the tasks efficiently. 

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