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Offline Mode Slashes Costs of Mobile Data Collection

Wireless data plans become optional as software providers introduce offline data collection. Mobile data collection has been transformative in retail-related businesses that include manufacturer merchandising, sales and marketing companies, and point-of-sale auditing. However, many companies - especially small to medium-sized - have been reluctant to adopt this cost and time-saving technology, not because of the cost of the mobile data collection software but due to the wireless data charges associated with having hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of field reps using cell phones and tablets to do their jobs. VisitBasis, the award-winning software company from Hallandale Beach, FL, has been a pioneer in solving this dilemma: Its retail mobile data collection solution comes with offline capabilities since the very beginning. On the VisitBasis App, when field reps and auditors select to work on offline mode, they synchronize collected data only when they are connecte

A Three-Step Guide to Finding the Right App for Field Team Management

With the development of mobile technologies, sales team management software has evolved into a comprehensive tool that lets you manage field sales, retail audits, marketing and promotions, merchandising activities and more than that in all-in-one easily accessible solution. However, there is a lot of confusion when comes to choosing the right field team management software for your sales reps. Due to the great variety of vendors and types of software for salespeople it’s often hard to make the decision of what is the best sales app for your company. When choosing a software solution for sales teams, managers mostly consider it’s cost. Without diminishing the importance of the cost, it still should be noted that there are some other points to consider when choosing a software solution for field team management. Generally the best field team management apps for your field reps are largely dependent on the needs of your company. Getting this right upfront will save you b

Using Technology to Maximize Your Field Reps Sales Potential

If the top priority for your business is to maximize sales, then you definitely should concentrate your efforts on maximizing your field reps sales potential. Your field sales team is the most important productivity engine that provides the overall effectiveness of sales process.  If you want to increase productivity and effectiveness of your field reps, you need to provide your sales team with the right technology and tools to stay ahead the competitors and meet customer needs. Here are some of the best practices we have seen for maximizing your field reps sales potential: Give your field reps the up-to-date mobile devices. Instead of relying on paper of bulky laptops, invest in tablets and smartphones. Modern mobile devices such as as iPads, iPhones and Android tablets and smartphones, allow your field reps to have mobile access to corporate data. Empowered with sleek mobile devices, your field sales reps are able to quickly access product catalog, presentation

4 Tips to Make Field Reps Love Your Field Team Management Solution

When it comes to the advantages of  field team management software , the vendors usually emphasize how it is great for business and for management. But what is good for management may not be that good for field reps, making them resist the innovation for various reasons. Field reps often complain that company’s field team management system is not user friendly, hard to maintain, and that they have to do too many clicks to perform a task, enter information to customer profile, or make a report. To make present-day technologies friendlier and get your field reps to appreciate it, you simply have to choose the right type of software. Your performance in the field determines the success of the company, so it’s critically important to give your field reps  the tools they will love to use . Below you’ll find what kind of field team management software features can make field reps love it. Simple, user-friendly interface    –      This is, actually, the mail reason, why pe

Raising the Level of Motivation Across the Sales Team

Motivating field reps, who are constantly outside the office can be a daunting task. Furthermore, field team managers are so often overwhelmed with paperwork, that they don’t have neither time no enthusiasm to think of how to keep remote employees satisfied and engaged with their work. One of the ways to get employees motivated is by implementing field team management software solution that allow reducing the burden on managers and helps motivate field reps through the following things: Compensation. Most of field reps can be motivated successfully by money. Field reps motivation through money commonly comes in the form of performance bonuses or extra benefits like company-owned cars or mobile devices for work, vacation trips, fitness club cards snd so on. Field team management software helps easily identify top performing field reps, allowing managers to track all the activities in the field in real time and analyze results through Web-based dashboards and reports. A