Friday, July 29, 2016

How to Deal with the Challenge of Poor Planogram Compliance

Poor planogram compliance is a known issue in retail. According to the ISI Sharegroup, it is estimated that the total cost to the U.S. retail RCP industry of poor planogram compliance (actual and opportunity costs) is approximately 1% of gross product sales.

Planogram compliance, however, is not something that is accomplished in an office by the merchandising strategy team. The adherence to a category's or product's retail merchandising standards must be verified at every single recurring visit performed at each point-of-sale by every single field rep.

A retail planogram app for compliance checks is the ideal tool for verifying adherence to merchandising standards. By having a retail planogram app for compliance checks on their smartphones and tablets, field reps can have access to the merchandising schematics for each store they visit, making sure that the products are displayed according to plan.

By implementing a retail planogram app for compliance checks, merchandising departments and sales and marketing agencies are able to:

  • Virtually eliminate the use of paper by trading survey forms, reports and even literature for their electronic equivalents.
  • Eliminate transcription errors and misunderstanding.
  • GPS-stamped data collection in order to avoid fraudulent check-ins.
  • Save on travel reimbursements and maximize store time by calculating the shortest visit route for each day.
  • Implement revenue-boosting strategies by communicating more effectively with field reps through visit checklists and notes.
  • Receive automatic notifications of mission-critical situations, such as out-of-stocks or damaged lots.
  • And much more.

VisitBasis is a retail planogram app for compliance checks with all the key elements necessary for an effective empowerment of merchandising teams. See what a retail planogram app for compliance checks can do for your merchandising efforts, sign up today for a free VisitBasis trial!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

How Can SMBs Compete with Big Businesses?

For small and medium companies - sometimes just starting up - it is hard to compete with big businesses. As the old saying goes: "You must spend money to make money". Larger businesses, therefore, have more resources to invest and typically can reap larger benefits from their investments in machinery, technology, personnel, etc.

Mobile field force automation, for instance, used to be a dream for small and medium-sized business owners due to the heavy investment needed not only on system technology, but especially on equipment.

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets, however, combined with the recent advent of Cloud computing and SaaS (software as a service), dramatically brought down the initial costs of implementing a mobile field force automation solution. After all, all that is needed now is for sales reps to install a mobile app on their existing smartphone or tablet and field force automation will be mostly up and running.

Small and medium-sized businesses looking for sophisticated solutions with affordability will be pleasantly surprised at the features offered by mobile field force automation SaaS solutions.

VisitBasis is a state-of-the-art mobile field force automation solution that offer big-business features at SMB budget. These features include GPS tracking of field reps, route optimization, customizable forms, automatic notifications, free and unlimited app downloads, among others.

Ready to reap the benefits of mobile field force automation? Sign up today at for a free trial, or book a free online demo and let us show you how it works.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fighting Food Safety Neglect with Smartphones

Neglecting food safety in retail is not an option. Every food-related business - from supermarkets and grocery stores to restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, drugstores, and everything in between - can have it's reputation ruined and scare away revenues due to a bad official inspection or customer complaints, and consequences are amplified these days with reviews on websites such as Yelp and Google.

However, it is not only up to the establishment's manager to watch over food safety. Food safety measures must be taken every time any employee manipulates or stores a food item, and therefore, every employee should be able to detect food safety breaches and communicate it to management so the situation is dealt with before it reaches the public or, worse, a city or county inspector.

But how to empower every retail establishment employee to perform their own inspections and then record this information so it can be analyzed and prevented in the future?

A retail inspection app is the ideal solution for any food-related business. Most retail inspection apps available on the market can be installed on any Apple or Android smartphone, so employees can download it to their own devices and become inspectors themselves. In businesses where the employees need to store their phones while working, the retail inspection app can be loaded onto a shared tablet, for instance.

One of the biggest advantages of retail inspection apps over traditional pen-and-paper is that it allows setting up automatic notifications, meaning that management can receive a message every time a mission critical food safety issue is detected.

VisitBasis is a state-of-the-art retail inspection app, complete with customizable forms, image and signature capture, automatic notifications, graphic analytics, and all the tools needed to keep food safety in retail establishments in check.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Fraudulent Calls are Outside Sales #1 Enemy

Fraudulent customer calls are a serious issue for sales. When outside sales reps are deployed to perform their daily customer rounds, it is expected that they will visit the locations they are supposed to, as well as present certain products and sometimes perform other tasks, such as performing surveys and collecting relevant information.

However, once the sales reps are on the field, it becomes difficult to actually monitor their location and activities, especially in larger teams. It is a lose-lose situation: The reps have to take time from actually selling to call the office or fill out reports, and sales management needs to assign extra personnel to help with taking these calls and transcribing reports.

A sales tracking solution is the ideal tool for this scenario, since it fulfills the duties of the extra personnel mentioned before.

With a sales tracking solution, sales managers can prevent fraudulent customer visits by monitoring the location of field reps, as well as have instant access to relevant sales call information and verify that the appropriate product presentation was performed at the correct customer location, for instance.

There are even more advantages to implementing a state-of-the-art sales tracking solution: Some of options available on the market allow management to create automatic notifications of certain events, such as a call on a specific key customer or a request for equipment maintenance.

VisitBasis is a comprehensive sales tracking solution. It improves communication between sales management and the field so outside reps can have all the tools they need to succeed at their fingertips while keeping management informed of rep's locations and activity. And there is no need to invest in new hardware since the free VisitBasis mobile app works on most smartphones and tablets.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Importance of Customer-Facing Time and How to Increase It

Customer-facing time is an essential part of sales. By interacting with customers, outside sales reps and marketing agents can better understand their needs and wants, leading to better sales outcomes (quantity and/or satisfaction) and eventually to more customer-centric products.

In retail, increased customer face time with a store manager means that the salesperson will have a better grasp of the peculiarities of each point-of-sale and will build sales orders that will lead to improvements in product turnover ratios and less out-of-stocks.

However, customer-facing time is increasingly considered a rare luxury and many are the threats to it: Endless team meetings, traffic delays, scattered sales territories, email overloads, reporting and paperwork, etc.

An outside sales software can be instrumental in increasing customer-facing time. By implementing an outside sales software solution, sales managers are able to see several improvements that can lead to increased customer-facing time, such as the following:

  • Better territory management
    With an outside sales software, sales managers can visualize territories on a map, and plan them in order to minimize travel distances.
  • Less travel time
    Besides territory mapping, a state-of-the-art outside sales software will also offer route optimization capabilities, calculating the shortest daily route for each rep.
  • Less paperwork, reporting and emailing
    An outside sales software with mobile app will allow sales reps to access product collaterals, place orders, fill out forms, take pictures, verify equipment, and make visit notes, among others, all in their mobile devices, while giving managers access to the information collected in real time. 

VisitBasis is a complete outside sales software solution that delivers all the tools your reps need to succeed at their fingertips. The VisitBasis App is available for unlimited downloads on Google Play or App Store.

See today what an outside sales software solution can do for your organization - try VisitBasis for free!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Solving Information Loss in Merchandising Once and For All

Information loss used to be an inevitable consequence of retail merchandising. With many field reps performing a number of tasks on each one of the stores in their individual territories, it is easy to see how the amount of data collected on the field grows exponentially and is, therefore, increasingly difficult to handle and more subject to information loss.

Mobile merchandising software is the ideal solution to information loss in retail merchandising. When businesses implement a mobile merchandising software solution, they prevent information loss in the following stages of data processing:
  • Data collection
    It is easy to see how information can get lost in traditional pen-and-paper merchandising. With mobile merchandising software, field reps perform tasks such as filling out forms and taking pictures in their mobile devices, leading to less misunderstanding and mix-ups.
  • Data transcription
    With mobile merchandising software, there is no data transcription. The information goes directly from the rep's mobile device to data storage, meaning that there is no information loss due to time gaps between data gathering and transcription or due to issues such as miscommunication between rep and transcriber.
  • Data storage
    A state-of-the-art mobile merchandising software uses Cloud storage. Cloud technologies such as Google Cloud are the safest choice when it comes to data storage, simply because of the safety layers that these systems provide in addition to the worldwide data access allowed by them. This means that there is no data loss because of hard-copy file misplacement or system failures.
VisitBasis is a complete mobile merchandising software solution that runs in the Cloud. It is made for both Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, is extremely easy to deploy, and you can try it completely free. Just register at, download free VisitBasis App on Google Play or App Store and solve merchandising information loss once and for all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beating the Competition, One Store at a Time

As strategists can tell us, knowledge is the most important thing if one wants to beat the competition.

For consumer product goods (CPG) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCC), the battle for the customer's wallet happens at the point-of-sale level, and this is why store audits are so important.

A store audit app will not only help field reps to more efficiently collect competitor information, but also allows brand and category managers to get faster access to this information and act swiftly to take advantage of opportunities and/or to prevent losing market share.

Among other benefits, a store audit app will provide the following competition monitoring tools:
  • The ability to schedule and plan regular visits in order to get the right competitor information at the right time.
  • Full customization of task forms and surveys, so the field rep will collect the exact information needed.
  • The power to capture photos, so not only pricing, and shelf count and position can be analyzed, but also packaging and seasonal displays and promotions.
  • A state-of-the-art store audit app will also allow for instant notifications of specific tasks so, for instance, a category manager can be notified when a field rep performs a task called "competitor price drop".
VisitBasis Store Audit app is a complete retail audit solution that offers all the elements needed to perform mobile POS audits and surveys in one package.

Stay on top of your competition! Learn more at VisitBasis Store Audit app is available at Google Play and App Store and can be downloaded for free for an unlimited number of users.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Promotion Optimization Institute Report Acknowledges VisitBasis as an "Affordable, Rapidly Deployed" Solution to Retail Execution

Miami, FL - VisitBasis, the startup mobile retail execution solution provider from Hallandale Beach, FL, has been included among the 20 representative providers of retail execution technology evaluated by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI).

The POI Retail Execution Vendor Panorama 2016 report is a detailed analysis by the POI of the retail execution technology market and its vendors, including Accenture, SAP, and StayInFront, among others.

VisitBasis is evaluated in the report as being "a low cost and largely do-it-yourself solution with a global footprint" and "a starting point for affordable, rapidly deployed, and integrated on your own... merchandising solutions".

"We feel that the POI Retail Execution Vendor Panorama 2016 captured the essence of what VisitBasis aims to bring to mobile retail execution: Simplicity and affordability, with global reach", says Sergey Gorbunov, VisitBasis CEO. "As we continually improve our application, we will use this document as a roadmap to further providing exceptional mobile retail execution solutions. It is an honor to be included in a report by such an industry-leading organization."

The complete POI Retail Execution Vendor Panorama 2016 report can be downloaded at

For more information on the Promotion Optimization Institute, visit

About VisitBasis Tech, Llc.
VisitBasis is a B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) company specialized in the development of cost-effective, cutting-edge and comprehensive mobile solutions that aim to increase sales and reduce costs, improving the bottom-line of businesses that rely on field professionals. The key benefit of VisitBasis app is to optimize retail execution, merchandising, field marketing, mobile data collection, retail audits, territory management, sales rep planning, tracking sales, mobile staff management, electronic product catalog, sales enablement, among others, especially in the consumer product goods (CPG) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Motivating Field Sales Reps in the Mobile Age

Behavior psychology tells us that there are two types of motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic, and that people perform better when a balance between both types is reached.

Sales rep are the classic example of a profession that relies a lot on extrinsic motivation, since the rewards for a job well done are basically financial incentives and praise.

A sales force automation app can help managers achieve a more even balance between both types of motivation. By implementing a sales force automation app, field sales teams can achieve the following:

  • Less anxiety and stress
    With scheduling and planning tools, sales force automation apps make it easier to plan customer visits. With a sales force automation app, field reps also have anytime access to product collaterals, so they will never be empty-handed when the opportunity comes to present another product to a customer.
  • More personal time
    A state-of-the-art sales force automation app will offer tools such as route optimization, saving travel time and costs, and real-time monitoring, virtually eliminating off-hours reporting.
  • Piece of mind and satisfaction of a job well done at every sales call
    With a sales force automation app, by the time a sales rep steps out of the customer's door and closes a visit, this sales rep will be certain that management knows that the visit has been performed at the right location, products were presented, messages were conveyed to the office, and orders were placed. 

VisitBasis is a complete mobile field sales solution, as it is a cloud-based enterprise data collection software for managing, scheduling, and monitoring field team activities in real-time. It allows field sales managers and supervisors to oversee all stages of the outside sales process, from assigning territories, calls and tasks to retrieving up-to-the minute results through VisitBasis online dashboard, reports and analytics.

Let us show you how easy it is to increase your field rep motivation and revenues using the VisitBasis App – schedule your demo today or sign up for a free trial