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How to Make the Most from the Challenges Facing Mobile In-Store Execution

The business of in-store merchandising and execution has modernized dramatically with the recent advances in mobile technology and the development of field activity management systems. Despite new technologies, however, many challenges still remain in coordinating field teams and collecting relevant data , including fraudulent check-ins, network coverage issues, and device compatibility. Therefore, if a mobile field activity management system is to really work for retail execution and merchandising business, it needs to address such challenges accordingly. VisitBasis Retail Execution is a complete mobile data collection solution designed to build, schedule and monitor field team activities in real time. It provides tools for all types of field and in-store activities, including merchandising, field marketing, outside sales, auditing, mystery shopping, POS asset management, and product demonstrations, among others. VisitBasis deals with the modern in-store execution challeng

Mobile Enablement: A Checklist for Effective Field Activity Management Systems

Managing field reps is one of the most time and effort-consuming activities in any business. Surprisingly, many management tasks are still being done the old-fashion way: Hand-written orders, phone calls to check on location or customer status, daily e-mail or phone recaps with each rep, and so on. Mobile enablement of field sales and marketing teams greatly improves communications and workflow between management and field reps. When properly implemented, it streamlines processes and makes it easier for management to get timely field information, leading to better decision-making. Likewise, field reps will benefit from much increased in-store or customer-facing time as well as reduced paperwork and issues due to miscommunication. Therefore, an effective mobile enablement system for field reps must possess the following features: Compatibility with numerous mobile devices (BYOD) Real-time GPS tracking and monitoring  Route optimization Territory management Call scheduli