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Merchandising Software: Improving Merchandising Performance

Retailers in today’s fast-moving world are leveraging personal mobile devices to the field to optimize performance and control inventory. VisitBasis merchandising software is a complete retail management system to manage your merchandising operations with ease. Let’s consider in what ways VisitBasis merchandising software can help company reduce costs and increase productivity of merchandising operations. Get Vital Marketing Strategies. VisitBasis merchandising software provides fast and accurate store data collection using Android and iOS mobile devices. All the data collected at stores is automatically transferred to corporate database and is available for analysis. Integration with Google Big Query allows developing analytic reports for selling pattern analysis. Getting clear picture of retail conditions provide prerequisites for accurate sales forecasting, setting up goals and monitoring the implementation of the objectives to get vital marketing and promotional prici

How Merchandising Software Can Help to Improve Your Bottom Line

Looking for a way to improve your bottom line and reduce expenses? Start implementing merchandising software to manage your field sales teams more intelligently. Merchandising software was designed to optimize retail visits, helping merchandisers driving faster time to perform tasks. Merchandising software allows your field reps to be more targeted with their time, spending more hours negotiating with customers and driving larger order size. Below you’ll find top three reasons that your company needs to implement merchandising software. Reason # 1 – Time and Money Saving As soon as a company implements a merchandising software solution the management gets an ability to automatically track both sales and inventory levels of products by stores. Your merchandisers can perform all the merchandising activities using their personal tablets or smartphones. Merchandising software saves a lot of time for merchandisers allowing concentrating on clients, not paperwork. Your company

How to Improve Your Retail Merchandising Using Merchandising Software

Effective merchandising means having the right product, in the right place, and at the right price. Merchandisers perform regular retail visits to help consumer packaged goods companies stay competitive by making sure that their products are correctly displayed on shelves and also efficiently promoted and always in stock. This involves working closely with the retailers to accurately forecast trends, plan stock levels and monitor performance. Everyday merchandising performance may include the following activities: Observing displays of company’s products Verifying the right merchandise, place, price, quantities Removing damaged or freshness-dated products Restocking shelves with product from inventory Observing inventory levels Control of store shelves’  cleanliness Prompting store management to reorder when levels appear low Arranging for return and credit for damaged products Setting stock promotions/price reductions as appropriate Observing customer reaction to sp

How to Choose a Merchandising Software Solution

Traditional merchandising techniques often result in incomplete coverage of stores due to human resource constraints and significant paperwork. Conducting a merchandising audit is often associated with colossal amount of data, lost paper forms, and fraudulent reports. Besides your merchandisers, performing retail visits, get exhausted from filling out paper forms, spending too much time at points of sale, making phone calls and visiting the office to report the results. Therefore great number of companies uses the services of third-party organizations (advertising, marketing, consulting and BTL agencies) to organize merchandising process. The disadvantages of this option are the costs, poor cooperation between managers, loosing part of retail audit data, fraudulent reports, time gaps between a store visit and appropriate company's actions. The automated merchandising amazingly differs from traditional merchandising. Today due to the new mobile technologies merchandise