Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Retail Audit Software: Why Choose VisitBasis

Traditional retail audit methodologies often result in incomplete coverage of stores due to human resource constraints, big time gaps between a store visit and reporting results to management and significant paperwork. Retailers adapting innovative technologies into the retail audit process are those looking for ways to enhance audit productivity and make improvements in audit reporting.

Today there are so many of retail audit software solutions on the market that sometimes it’s quite difficult to choose the right solution for your company.
Choosing software for retail audits, you definitely have to focus on the needs and characteristics of your company’s business processes. Then consider the importance of such factors as the cost of implementation and use of retail audit software, usability and accessibility.

Why choose VisitBasis retail audit software?
VisitBasis uses the latest mobile technologies to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness retail audit automation process: your mobile workforce will have all the information they need to succeed at their fingertips and you will be able to monitor the results of retail audit process in real time.

How is VisitBasis Different?

All-in-one software solution. 
VisitBasis provides the most complete set of tools for your retail audits in one great package. Through the implementation of a structured approach for retail visits and tasks, VisitBasis simplifies data collection and analysis.
VisitBasis offers the following advantages:
  • Visits and tasks can be scheduled by the office or on the mobile app
  • Field reps or office managers can optimize customer routes
  • Office managers visually assign stores to field reps, using a map
  • Field reps have access to all data offline and can execute tasks without an Internet connection
  • Unlimited photos can be collected and uploaded to the office
  • Fraud prevention by GPS tracking all field activities
  • Product catalog and orders/returns with multiple price lists and must-stock lists
  • Field reps can switch from one mobile device to another during the workday without losing any data

The only Pay-As-You-Go on the market
There are no license fees. You only pay for the visits that field reps actually started. VisitBasis is completely free for office users. Compared to our closest competitors the total cost of ownership of VisitBasis is at least 40% lower that other field sales and merchandising solutions:
  • No license or setup fees
  • No charge for office-only users
  • Unlimited number of devices per user
  • No admin costs associated with managing of licenses
  • Add or remove users any time at no cost (e.g. temporary or seasonal users)

To try free our retail audit software just register at www.visitbasis.com and download the VisitBasis Retail Audit App free on Google Play or App Store.
To learn more about how it works request a demo or watch the demo videos.

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