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How to Improve Merchandising Planning Efficiency

Looking for a way to make your merchandising planning more efficient?
Merchandising software allows companies to streamline business processes, saving time and money and making data easier to collect, and therefore to become more efficient both in the field and in the back.
Supplement today’s mobile technologies by a powerful merchandising solution for tablets and smartphones to leverage your field resources and provide data-driven insights to your business.

Improving merchandising efficiency in the field.
As soon as merchandising software is downloaded on merchandisers’ tablets or smartphones, they are empowered with a complete set of tools and opportunities while performing store visits. Field reps don’t have to remember specific details, because they are enabled to get any information about schedule, points-of-sales, customers and products from their mobile devices. Combining this with flexible forms, photo-reports, bar-code scanner, text notes, electronic signature, orders and returns gives merchandisers the ability to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Improving back-office efficiency.
Using merchandising software field managers get precise real-time information from the field with activity dashboards and reports. Eliminating paper-records and awkward data re-entry can significantly improve field managers' efficiency. All field activity is GPS and time stamped and automatically synced so field managers get immediate retail visit confirmation and can analyze all the data collected.

How to choose a merchandising software solution?
The up-to-date merchandising solutions leverage common tablets and smartphones in the field allowing BYOD implementation so your merchandisers can bring their own devices and be more effective. They will save time on training by using the devices that they already know and you save on hardware costs. Present-day merchandising applications are SaaS solutions that can be implemented with no IT support. Cloud based merchandising solutions provide instant data synchronization so you can count on the best service availability even if your company is multinational and runs in different countries and time zones.

To learn more about improving field and back-office efficiency using merchandising software, register free account at or follow the links below.


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