Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Competitor Analysis Software for Digital Marketers

Tracking what the competition is doing in terms of pricing and promotion is one of the most useful ways to help define product and corporate strategies especially at the retail front, where one has access to all customer-facing initiatives.

However, the process of gathering the in-store information can be quite complex, involving a large group of people over several retail locations. Management can easily get lost among all the data that retail auditors, field reps and other mobile agents - in addition to customers - generate.

VisitBasis comes as a solution to retail audit businesses and departments alike, as it is  cloud-based enterprise data collection SaaS software for managing, scheduling, and monitoring field team activities in real-time. It allows field operations managers and supervisors to oversee all stages of the in-store activity process, from assigning territories, visits and tasks to retrieving up-to-the minute results through VisitBasis online dashboard and reports.

To learn more about how to track competitor’s retail efforts using retail audit software register free account at www.visitbasis.com or follow the links below.

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