Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Retail Audit Software: Using Technology to Automate the Audit Process

Traditional retail audit methodologies often result in incomplete coverage of stores due to human resource constraints, big time gaps between a store visit and reporting results to management and significant paperwork. Retailers adapting innovative technologies into the retail audit process are those looking for ways to enhance audit productivity and make improvements in audit reporting.

VisitBasis is a SaaS company that offers retail companies a comprehensive retail software solution to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the retail audit process. VisitBasis uses the latest mobile technology to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness retail audit automation process: your mobile workforce will have all the information they need to succeed at their fingertips and you will be able to monitor the results of retail audit process in real time.

Standardize retail visits by embedding customized tasks for each call, including collecting photos and signatures. Get precise information from the stores using our advanced task builder and creating audit checklists, forms and surveys.

From assigning territories to scheduling visits and GPS tracking your mobile staff, VisitBasis is a complete, real-time retail audit solution. With VisitBasis Retail Audit App you will be able to improve your audit team bottom-line by reducing their time traveling to appointments, planning routes, accessing information and providing real-time audit and survey data.

Sign up with VisitBasis today to improve your sales audit performance and store operations. No hardware investment or license purchase required. Free downloads on Google Play and App Store.

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