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How Field Sales Can Capitalize on the Improving Economy

As the US economy continues to improve, it is expected for business of all sizes to plan on capitalizing on the positive market conditions. Bottom line is, everybody wants to sell more.
Naturally, companies with field sales teams are no different, and VisitBasis can help these companies increase revenues in several ways:
  1. By empowering outside sales reps - VisitBasis brings the sales process to your reps' mobile devices. Your field team will have access to mobile ordering, as well as customer and product information, and will even be able to prospect by adding new customers to the system while on the field.
  2. By improving training - With VisitBasis you can set up predefined tasks for your reps to perform at customers, so you can more easily implement successful sales strategies.
  3. By making it easy to squeeze in extra sales calls - The VisitBasis Route Optimization tool saves your team time and money by plotting the shortest customer route for the day, so it might open up enough time to squeeze in an additional call or two.
  4. By letting you know at all times what is going on in the field - With the VisitBasis real-time dashboard you are able to know at all times where your outside reps are and what they are doing, speeding up decision making.

Be ready to capitalize on the growing US economy! Set up today your free account today at!


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