Friday, February 6, 2015

Audit and Retail Operations Software

When conducting a retail audit companies face a number of challenging factors such as limited budgets, multiple locations, big data. That’s why it’s critically important to adapt mobile technologies into the retail audit process. Store audit automation serves to enhance retail audit productivity and improve audit reporting expanding communication for operational effectiveness.

The VisitBasis Retail Audit App allows your field reps to perform retail audits and inspections using their Android and iOS mobile devices. Sales data can be captured even offline and then automatically synchronized with the corporate cloud database for monitoring, reporting and analysis.

The VisitBasis Retail Audit App provides a clear real-time picture of all retail conditions:
  • Product representation
  • Prices and availability
  • Planogram compliance
  • Facings
  • Voids and out-of stocks
  • Competitor’s information
From assigning territories to scheduling visits and GPS tracking your mobile staff, the VisitBasis App is a complete, real-time retail audit solution. Through GPS technology, track your team's positioning and activities live on the map. See audit and survey results more quickly with activity dashboards and reports.

With VisitBasis Retail Audit App you will be able to improve your field team bottom-line by reducing their time traveling to appointments, planning routes, accessing information and providing audit and survey data.

Create tasks and manage retail audits and retail compliance check lists with VisitBasis Retail Audit App. Start working right away free after registering at VisitBasis Retail Audit App is also available free on Google Play and App Store.

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