Friday, February 13, 2015

Mobile App for Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research

Visitbasis Tech is a SaaS company specialized in data collection software for retail companies. We provide cloud mobile solution for data collection, market research, field marketing, merchandising, retail audits, mystery shopping.

The VisitBasis Market Research App works on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and is extremely user-friendly, clear at a glance. Market data can be collected anytime, anywhere, even when mobile devices are offline and then synchronized automatically when Internet connection is available.

VisitBasis Market Research App gives researchers easy access to all data and tools required to track the effectiveness of your company's marketing efforts. The use of efficient and accurate data collection methods ensure statistically reliable results to understand the present and plan the future.

Great variety of mobile missions using all-in-one Market Research App: Research shoppers, their consumption volume and customer satisfaction, in-store measurement, mystery shopping, location-based surveying and so on.

To keep the costs as low as possible for our clients VisitBasis offers BYOD solutions. Your market researchers can bring their own devices as VisitBasis Market Research App can run on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and looks and feels exactly the same. There is no limit on the number of devices each employee can use at any given time. With the Pay-As-You-Go system, you only pay for what you use - never paying for holidays, weekends, and avoiding account issues due to user turnover.

Sign up with VisitBasis and start conducting market research in a new and innovative way today! No contract or license purchase required. Free downloads on Google Play and App Store.

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