Friday, July 24, 2015

Raising the Level of Motivation Across the Sales Team

Motivating field reps, who are constantly outside the office can be a daunting task. Furthermore, field team managers are so often overwhelmed with paperwork, that they don’t have neither time no enthusiasm to think of how to keep remote employees satisfied and engaged with their work. One of the ways to get employees motivated is by implementing field team management software solution that allow reducing the burden on managers and helps motivate field reps through the following things:

  • Compensation. Most of field reps can be motivated successfully by money. Field reps motivation through money commonly comes in the form of performance bonuses or extra benefits like company-owned cars or mobile devices for work, vacation trips, fitness club cards snd so on. Field team management software helps easily identify top performing field reps, allowing managers to track all the activities in the field in real time and analyze results through Web-based dashboards and reports.
  • Appreciation. If field reps don’t get positive feedback from the office, they have no idea whether or not they are doing a good job. Hearing from the management only when something went wrong makes field reps frustrated and demotivated. That’s why to keep the level of motivation high, it’s critically important to reward field reps with personal attention, showing appreciation. Field team management software provides companies with communication framework, allowing managers to communicate with field reps in real time. Managers can easily be thankful and specific, when showing appreciation, writing comments and feedbacks to specific tasks, which are instantly seen by field reps. When field reps realize their operations are constantly being watched and appreciated if done properly, their motivation is growing.
  • Inspiration. The best way to make field reps feel as a part of the team is to allow sharing their creative ideas with the management. Field team management software allows field reps to make notes to tasks and visits, and field team managers can instantly see that. Besides, empowered with great variety of mobile tools, like photo reports, automated data entry, bar code scanner, electronic signatures and electronic orders/returns, field reps can perform their duties more quickly and efficiently, feeling satisfied with job done and able to move mountains.

Compensation, appreciation and inspiration are the key components to motivate field team members successfully. By implementing a field team management solution a company can strengthen the effect of these three simple measures, getting the employees exited about their work and eager to perform all the tasks efficiently. 

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