Friday, July 31, 2015

Offline Mode Slashes Costs of Mobile Data Collection

Wireless data plans become optional as software providers introduce offline data collection.

Mobile data collection has been transformative in retail-related businesses that include manufacturer merchandising, sales and marketing companies, and point-of-sale auditing.

However, many companies - especially small to medium-sized - have been reluctant to adopt this cost and time-saving technology, not because of the cost of the mobile data collection software but due to the wireless data charges associated with having hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of field reps using cell phones and tablets to do their jobs.

VisitBasis, the award-winning software company from Hallandale Beach, FL, has been a pioneer in solving this dilemma: Its retail mobile data collection solution comes with offline capabilities since the very beginning.

On the VisitBasis App, when field reps and auditors select to work on offline mode, they synchronize collected data only when they are connected to the Internet over a Wi-Fi network, reducing wireless data charges to virtually zero. In this way, they could technically connect to the Internet only twice a day: Once in the morning to download the visits and tasks that should be performed throughout the day, and in the evening to upload the information collected.

VisitBasis offers a complete field team management solution for merchandising, field marketing, retail audit and outside sales, comprised of a web-based admin and supervision interface, and a mobile data collection app for field reps. The VisitBasis App works on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play.

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