Tuesday, July 28, 2015

4 Tips to Make Field Reps Love Your Field Team Management Solution

When it comes to the advantages of field team management software, the vendors usually emphasize how it is great for business and for management. But what is good for management may not be that good for field reps, making them resist the innovation for various reasons. Field reps often complain that company’s field team management system is not user friendly, hard to maintain, and that they have to do too many clicks to perform a task, enter information to customer profile, or make a report.

To make present-day technologies friendlier and get your field reps to appreciate it, you simply have to choose the right type of software. Your performance in the field determines the success of the company, so it’s critically important to give your field reps the tools they will love to use. Below you’ll find what kind of field team management software features can make field reps love it.

Simple, user-friendly interface      This is, actually, the mail reason, why people generally do like any software solution. If a field team management solution is easy to use, your field reps will gladly perform all the activities from one place, improving efficiency and productivity of retail performance.

An opportunity to bring-your-own-device – If your field team management solution allows BYOD implementation, your field reps don't have to switch attention between their own and a company-owned devices. Starting new tasks and activities becomes easier and faster with BYOD, as field reps are confident in devices they use, and there is no learning curve to overcome.

True offline capabilities – If your field team management software solution has offline capabilities, your field reps can perform all the tasks using offline devices and be automatically synced when the Internet connection is established. Being able to work offline, your field reps don’t have to worry about the connection, and have no need for paper alternatives when Internet connection is unavailable.

Cloud implementation – Being on the Cloud also makes it possible for field sales reps to access data from anywhere, anytime. Besides cloud software solutions provide the best service availability and immediate data exchange. All the information about the actions, performed in the field, is available for managers in real time, so your field reps don’t have to spend time completing reports.

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