Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mobile Merchandising Application for Retail Sales

Advanced technologies make conducting your own merchandising audits easier and more affordable than ever. Today your merchandisers can perform all the variety of merchandising activities using just their tablets or smartphones. Simply have your merchandisers upload a merchandising mobile app with a customizable data collection forms, and start receiving real-time, highly accurate retail data from points of sale.

The VisitBasis Merchandising App gives merchandisers easy access to information and tools required to perform merchandising activities and allows them to collect critical data for store performance analysis. Using the VisitBasis Merchandising App allows getting accurate data about your product distribution in real time.

The VisitBasis Merchandising App allows you to run your planogram checks, promotion and price compliance audits, product display photo audits, shelf spacing, and product face counting tasks. Create tasks and manage merchandising audits, track your team’s positioning and merchandising activities live on the map through GPS technology, see audit and survey results more quickly with activity dashboards, and get precise information you need at the moment through analytic reports.

From assigning territories to scheduling visits and GPS tracking your merchandisers, VisitBasis is a complete, real-time merchandising mobile solution. The VisitBasis app for merchandisers works seamlessly across iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets and provides a clear real-time picture of the following retail conditions:
  • Product location in store and on the shelf 
  • Product availability
  • Product price
  • Inventory levels
  • Out-of-stocks
  • POS materials placement
  • Planogram compliance
  • Promotions 
  • Competitors
  • Marketing strategy compliance 
  • Customers requirements and needs
  • Staff competence 
  • Storage conditions
  • Retail space cleanliness

Get your free access to the VisitBasis Merchandising App today! Sign up at www.visitbasis.com and start automating your merchandising activities free of charge. To get more information about merchandising automation, book a free online presentation of VisitBasis Merchandising App.

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