Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mobile Application for Field Sales (Android, iOS)

Managing sales operations when your team is in outside the office has recently been quite a challenge. But the situation changed thanks to the mobile revolution and the development of comprehensive mobile applications for field sales that totally empower sales reps to complete orders from anywhere.

Mobile technology makes information available anytime and anywhere via mobile devices. In today’s highly competitive retail environment it’s strongly recommended that your sales reps have access to up-to-date and accurate information on products, locations, customers at any moment of the day. A mobile sales application allows field reps to create orders in customer locations with their tablets and smartphones giving them everything they need to close deals with ease.

VisitBasis is a mobile field sales application for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. VisitBasis provides real-time order processing capabilities to streamline your field sales operations and improve customer service. Mobile product catalog, price lists and multi-stock lists allow creating product orders very quickly. New order can be signed right away, by using the feature of electronic signature, and is instantly visible to sales managers in the office. Order confirmation can be printed from a tablet or a smartphone with just a click or sent by e-mail in PDF.

How VisitBasis App for Field Sales Works   
  • Office manager schedules recurring visits for sales reps
  • Sales reps visit retail locations and make product orders/returns using their tablets and smartphones.
  • Sales managers monitor sales reps’ routes and activity, getting instant alerts when orders are being placed. 
  • Sales managers can communicate sales reps directly using the app via built-in messages and notes to each retail visits.

VisitBasis mobile application for field sales provides sales reps with all the information and tools they need to sell and the managers with great opportunities to monitor sales reps’ activity and analyze sales team performance.

Don’t miss the opportunity to move your retail execution to the next level – register today to get your free access to VisitBasis Field Sales Software at www.visitbasis.com. The VisitBasis Mobile App for Field Sales Reps is available for free download on Google Play and App Store.

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