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Key Benefits of Adopting Retail Audit Software

Looking for the way to improve the quality of retail audits within your company?
Start with adopting retail audit software to increase the effectiveness of your field team and reduce operating costs. A properly implemented retail audit software helps companies improve inventory control and tracking, and centralize customer management.

Key Benefits of Adopting Retail Audit Software.
  • Centralized customer management – Improve customer service through faster interactions and contact management features.
  • Efficient use of mobile workforce – Improve your field team bottom-line by reducing their time traveling to appointments, planning routes, accessing information and providing all the tools for retail data collection.
  • Improved inventory control – Maintain proper inventory levels and never run out-of-stocks, getting timely information from the field using task builders, checklists, mobile forms and surveys.
  • Field reps tracking – Track your field team members positioning and activities live on the map through GPS-technology. Every mobile activity is GPS and time-stamped
  • Real-time analytics – See retail audits results more quickly with activity dashboards and reports.
  • Reduce operation costs – Retail audit software minimizes the time to data entry, so managers can spend more time analyzing trends and developing strategies.

Ready to try the most effective way to conduct retail audits?
Sign up today for a free trial of VisitBasis retail audit software to increase your field team's efficiency! VisitBasis is a cloud mobile app for retail data collection that works seamlessly across iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets. From assigning territories to scheduling visits and GPS-tracking your mobile staff, VisitBasis is a complete, real-time retail audit mobile solution.

How VisitBasis retail audit software works?
  1. Field team managers schedule retail visits for field reps and assigns data collection tasks to be completed.
  2. Field reps perform retail audits, capturing data via mobile devices
  3. At the office, managers monitor field reps’ locations, routes, and what data collection activities.
  4. Managers create reports to analyze retail data collected in the field.

There is no limit on the number of devices each user can carry, so your field reps can bring their own devices and be more effective. VisitBasis Retail Audit App runs on any smartphone or tablet and looks and feels exactly the same.

To start using the VisitBasis retail audit software free, register account at and download free the VisitBasis App on Google Play and App Store


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