Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Four Ways for Merchandisers to Become More Efficient at Work

The number of retail companies that are turning to software applications to keep up is constantly growing. Combining mobile technology with a merchandising software solution allows retail companies to reduce expenses due to increased efficiency in the field and streamlined data workflow.

For merchandisers, who are permanently on the go, having a mobile merchandising app that can provide real-time access to corporate data from anywhere and simplify work operations is clearly a must. Here are some examples of how a merchandiser can become more efficient when using a mobile merchandising application to collect retail data.
  1. Access all the necessary information for work in one easy-to-use system. Merchandising software allows field merchandisers to enjoy mobile access to customers’ information, product catalog, history of visits, the schedule and tasks, including notes and multimedia attachments.
  2. Optimize travel routes to save time and fuel, add new customers and add extra visits and tasks from a tablet or a smartphone.
  3. Collect retail data faster while minimizing mistakes due to numeric input keypad and barcode scanning for easy product search.
  4. Strengthen cooperation with managers and supervisors by instant reporting and communicating with the office directly via the application. All the data, collected by a merchandiser can be instantly synced with corporate database.

VisitBasis merchandising software allows companies to easily collect time-stamped and geo-tagged data from points of sale, including numbers, photos, E-signatures, text notes, GPS coordinates and more. A lot of retail organizations already use VisitBasis to increase the efficiency of business operations and streamline data workflow. Since you implement VisitBasis merchandising software each merchandiser will have time for an extra visit every single day thanks to the combination of route optimization, mobile data access and real time reporting features.

To get more information on how to automate your merchandising activities, visit www.visitbasis.com and get your free trial of VisitBasis merchandising software.

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