Saturday, January 30, 2016

Automating Merchandising Operations: Best Practices

Managing merchandising activities can be quite a challenge, as managers and supervisors are overwhelmed with lots of data in retail locations. But this can be easily changed thanks to mobile technology that helps organize retail data and business processes.
When merchandisers have tools that enable them to work more efficiently, office managers can easily achieve company’s goals and increase the effectiveness of retail campaigns. Here are the best practices to develop highly organized merchandising activities and speed up decision-making.
  • Switch to paperless data collection to streamline retail data workflow. In today’s mobile-driven world you can find an app for everything, and retail data collection is not an exception. Merchandising applications for tablets and smartphones empower merchandisers to collect retail data faster and help supervisors manage tasks, ease collaboration and track goals in a more efficient manner. Choosing a SaaS merchandising solutions allows having 24/7 access to data and mobile data collection tools without spending time and money on IT support and server maintenance.
  • Move your retail data to the Cloud. When you adopt a Cloud merchandising solution to automate your merchandising operations you can count on the best service availability even if your company is multinational and runs in different countries and time zones. Being on the Cloud also makes it possible for merchandisers to collect retail data offline and synchronize retail data once an Internet connection is established.
  • Opt for merchandising software with CRM capabilities. Today there are plenty of merchandising applications on the market. However, not all of them are comprehensive solutions that allow such additional features as territory management, CRM capabilities and/or the possibility to connect with existing CRMs through APIs and export/import.
  • Use analytic tools to make data-driven decisions. The up-to-date merchandising software solutions don’t end with streamlining retail data workflow and CRM capabilities but provide managers and supervisors with an opportunity to receive instant reports and manage merchandising operations in real time. The web-based dashboards and reports help you identify productive employees and perform workflow analysis, taking data-driven decisions.

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