Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sales Force Management System

Sales force performance can be significantly improved using some type of software program. Today there are plenty of programs and applications on the market that can provide your business with sales force automation capabilities such as customer management, field force activity tracking, sales pipeline management, sales reporting, sales management and etc. Most sales force automation software solutions provide the capability to define and track sales stages, sales milestones, activities and more.

Once you’ve decided to automate your sales force the next step is to choose sales force automation software. To find one that works for your company and avoid getting overwhelmed by the capabilities of the program you have to identify your specific needs and requirements first.

Here at VisitBasis we’ve focused on delivering a system that integrates completely with every process in your business. VisitBasis is all-in-one software solution that provides the most complete set of tools for your business in one great package. VisitBasis is designed to meet the market demand for scheduling field sales activities including CRM, processing orders, reporting and analyzing field sales performance.

Accompanied by up-to-date Cloud and GPS-technology the VisitBasis field force management solution is a powerful web-based platform for monitoring field sales activities and real-time supervising geographically dispersed sales teams. Empowered with the VisitBasis Field Sales App your field reps are able to collect store data using their mobile devices. All the data collected at points-of-sale is instantly synced to corporate database. The VisitBasis Web-based dashboards and reports allow you to analyze all field activities including field reps location, time spent at stores and time taken to perform tasks, orders and returns, measuring progress in real time. With real-time updates of field reps progress, additional tasks can be added during a workday – keeping all field reps productivity at maximum levels. With VisitBasis sales automation software solution capturing details such as customers’ contacts, GPS-coordinates, photos, notes, and electronic signatures is a breeze.

Make retail visits more effective implementing the VisitBasis sales force management system. Get free access to our field force management software after registering at The VisitBasis Sales Force App is available for free download on Google Play and App Store for any number of users.

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