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Data Collection Forms for Tablets and Smartphones

Data collection software is used for instant and automatic capturing of data and information. Automated data collection uses the latest mobile technologies to provide instant data workflow. Survey and market researchers worldwide use data collection software to achieve better understanding of situations and to get data-driven insights that can force decision-making process.

VisitBasis is a cloud based data collection software helping field reps collect data on their mobile devices. VisitBasis data collection software solution enables automated data collection and is extremely easy to deploy and use. VisitBasis offers companies, the ability to build customizable forms, maintain security and role-based data access and collect data with or without Internet connection. Our comprehensive data collection software provides instant data transfer from the mobile devices of field reps to corporate database as soon as Internet connection is established.
  • VisitBasis data collection software provides all-in-one solution for users to:
  • Build a data collection forms or templates
  • Collect the data on a tablet or a smartphone
  • Aggregate the collected data on a corporate database
  • Export and integrate data with enterprise systems
  • Generate different types of analytic reports
Data collection software implementation allows companies to improve accuracy of data collection process, reduce data-entry errors, and increase productivity of field reps that immediately increases the overall efficiency of an organization. With VisitBasis data collection software field reps are enabled to effectively perform tasks and complete more tasks in less time.

To get you data collection software solution completely free, just register at or request a demo to learn more about how it works.


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