Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Save On Implementing Cloud-Based Retail Audit Software

Cloud software can specifically benefit retail businesses with features such as order and returns management, field marketing, merchandising, and retail audits, providing ultimate customer visibility and excellent IT support. Apparently, cloud software for retail audits saves your business money by eliminating overall IT costs. Here are the top benefits of retail audit software:

Reduce capital expenses. Choosing a SaaS data collection solution allows companies to avoid the extra costs of server and IT support. BYOD implementation permits to reduce communication costs and to completely eliminate the cost of hardware. Instead of the company purchasing tablets and smartphones, the employee uses their own devices to perform data collection. Besides saving on hardware, you save time and money on staff training and your field reps can be more effective using a device they already get used to.  

Pay-as-you-go pricing allows only paying for what you use. This pricing model is trendy, dynamic and allows the most flexible pricing so a company can start data collection automation taking on very little up-front risk.

Improve accessibility. You can store your retail data completely free when you opt for Cloud-based retail audit software. The up-to-date data collection SaaS providers usually offer Cloud storage as part of their service. The additional advantage of storing data in the Cloud is that all the data can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Use company’s resources in the most efficient manner. Implementing Cloud software for store audits you increase business effectiveness and reduce time spent on operational issues, concentrating on the things that matter. Your field reps can easily perform retail audits using their own tablets and smartphones and your field team managers are able to analyze all the retail data as soon as it is collected with activity dashboards and reports.

Streamline your business processes. Retail audit software provides more work done with less people. All the data collected in stores is immediately synced with the corporate database. Retail data collection software allows you to coordinate all the stages of your data collection operations to improve your retail management and enhance the productivity of your field reps.

VisitBasis is a complete mobile retail audit software solution. It is a Cloud-based SaaS solution for retail audits that allows field operations managers to oversee all stages of the retail audit from  assigning territories and scheduling visits to immediately retrieving  results through VisitBasis online dashboard and reports. Start you retail audit automation completely free today after registering at

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