Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Retail Merchandising Software

In our mobile-driven world if you are looking for the most efficient way to plan and manage merchandising activities you should start with adopting proper retail merchandising software. Great number of companies still run their merchandising activities using paper-based forms or general purpose software like MS Word and MS Excel, Google Docs, Notes and etc. They also use traditional ways of communication with field merchandisers – paper reports, phone calls, SMS, and email messages. However, what at first glance seems to be economical and cost-effective, as a matter of fact is time-consuming and unproductive. 

In this article you’ll find some evidences of how the implementation of retail merchandising software can help to increase the efficiency of merchandising operations and improve field reps productivity. Here are the key benefits of retail merchandising software, that some of the most experienced and sophisticated retailers use to become more efficient both in the field and in the back-office.

Streamlined merchandising activities and retail data workflow. Retail merchandising software allows you to coordinate all the stages of your merchandising operations to improve your retail management and enhance the productivity of your field teams. Using merchandising software you can easily organize the schedule of visits for any period of time and improve your field team bottom-line by reducing their time traveling to appointments, planning routes and accessing information.

Faster data entry with less errors. Retail merchandising mobile forms are faster than paper forms due automated task templates, drop down lists, bar-code scanner, search boxes and built-in photo-reports. Besides, field reps, who use a retail merchandising mobile application, don't have to visit the office to provide a report. All the data collected in stores is automatically synced with the corporate database.  

Real-time information about store merchandising performance. Through GPS-technology, track your merchandisers positioning and activities live on the map. See merchandising audit and survey results more quickly with activity dashboards and reports. Every mobile activity is GPS and time-stamped. Fraudulent check-ins become easy to detect and dealt with.

Easily find and organize your retail data. Using retail merchandising software you can instantly aggregate store data, anytime get exact data you need due to analytic capabilities and data filters, provide role-based access to information, and easily integrate retail data to your corporate database.

Use the devices your employees already own. Top retail merchandising software solutions work on newer mobile platforms such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android, which enables BYOD policy implementation. Use BYOD policy to leverage common tablets and smartphones in the field so your merchandisers can bring their own devices and be more effective. Field team members will save time on training by using the devices that they already know and you save on hardware costs.

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