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Implementing Paperless Approach Toward Field Data Collection

Got tired of paper-based forms, reports, surveys, multiple spreadsheets and manual data-entry? Just "app-ify" these with a mobile application for paperless data collection.

In order to get access to the digital methods of store data collection a company has to purchase some kind of data collection software solution. It usually consists of a Web application and a mobile app, allowing your field reps to collect store data using their tablets and smartphones and your office managers to monitor and analyze field team activities using web-based dashboards and reports. 

There are many advantages that mobile data collection has over paper forms. For field reps, who are permanently on the go, having mobile tools for paperless data collection means real-time access to corporate data from anywhere and streamlined data workflow. Empowered with a mobile data collection solution for tablets and smartphones, your field reps are able to:
  • Simplify task performance.
  • Increase the speed of data collection.
  • Minimize data-entry mistakes.
  • Eliminate after-hour reporting.

The VisitBasis store data collection solution allows field reps transmit store data to the office while being in the field. The transmitted data is instantly visible to the management and available for analysis to provide data-driven decision-making. The solution has a simple user-friendly interface that allows field reps to collect data accurately and efficiently as well as to perform tasks planned by their managers.

Since VisitBasis mobile data collection platform is a Google Cloud implementation it has the capability to unify business operations on a global scale. Providing the best service availability for companies that are multinational and run in different countries and time zones, VisitBasis data collection software provide a centralized view of all operations in the field worldwide.

See VisitBasis in action now! Just register account at and get your free access to our powerful data collection software.

To get more information, read our previous articles on paperless data collection or check out our Guide for Paperless Data Collection.


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