Thursday, August 6, 2015

How Your Sales Reps Can Improve Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive business environment customers’ expectations from customer service are continuously increasing. Therefore, the performance of sales reps must also continuously improve to provide highest quality of customer service and improve loyalty.
To meet customers’ expectations and specific requirements managers should implement innovative techniques of customer service among sales reps that enhance the speed and quality of service, making customers feel that their needs have priority.

The up-to-date mobile solutions for retail execution provide field reps with the tools that simplify data collection at points of sale, allowing serving customers more effectively. Below you’ll find some examples of how customer service can be improved if your field reps are enabled with a comprehensive mobile solution for retail execution. So, having all the necessary tools at their fingertips, your field reps are able to:
  • Instantly respond to customers’ needs.  Retail execution software provides real-time data workflow and allows reacting to customers’ requests and requirements very quickly. All the information, collected by sales reps at points of sale, including customer survey data, photo-reports, electronic signatures, is instantly transferred to corporate database and is available to managers. Real-time reporting empowers field team managers to identify situations that require their attention and take urgent measures to resolve them.
  • Serve customers more quickly maintaining high quality. Electronic task templates, sales order/return mobile forms and automated data entry save a lot of time. Retail execution software also allows minimizing data-entry mistakes and provides instant data transfer due to automatic synchronization. Accordingly, instead of filling out paper forms and visiting the office to get the tasks and report, your field reps can spend more time with customers, focusing on their requirements to maximize the quality of service.
  • Easily show customers they care. Having mobile access from anywhere to all customers’ information, including contacts, history of visits, past orders and returns, survey and retail audit data, and managers’ notes, sales reps can better understand the whole situation at each point of sale. When field reps are empowered with mobile access to data, they are always able to be specific and show the customers they care.

Adopting a mobile software solution for sales reps allow companies to improve customer service by implementing practice of real-time response to customers’ requirements, increasing the speed and quality of customer service, and servicing each customer’s specific needs. To learn more about how to improve your field team performance, or to get free access to retail execution software, visit

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