Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Field Team Management Software: Getting Buy In From Your Field Reps

When implementing any kind of mobile workforce tracking software, many companies encounter resistance from field reps. There are different reasons why your field reps are not happy with the changes. Many people are reluctant to accept any changes, and field reps are not an exception, especially when it comes to the opportunity for managers to track all their activities in real time.

Overcoming the Resistance to Technology

First, and the most obvious is that field reps think it’ll be difficult to use the new technology. In this case the main actions to solve the problem should be the following:

  • Corporate meetings to demonstrate how it works
  • Field reps training on new tools and environment
To minimize the risk of the old-school reps’ refusal to accept changes, opt for up-to-date mobile software solutions for field team management. Today there are plenty of mobile applications for field reps working on common tablets and smartphones they all already use, which provide simple, user-friendly interface and an opportunity for reps to bring-their-own-device. When your field reps are familiar with the operating platform and features of the device they do not have to worry about how to deal with the interface or spend time to be trained how to operate it.

Going Over Opposition to Micromanagement

When it comes to implementation of field reps tracking software, your field reps’ first thought is that the company does not trust them. The first step to change this opinion is to convince your field reps that to keep up with the times is critically important for the business, explaining in details the benefits of the new technology both for the company and for reps themselves.

Field team management software allows field service-based organizations to quickly adapt to changing business landscape and be a step ahead of the competition, constantly improving field team performance and customer service. For field reps having all necessary tools to perform various tasks at points of sale on a single device means being more engaged and productive. Electronic task templates and order forms, automated data entry and synchronization save a considerable amount of hours, making field reps more targeted with their time, negotiating with customers and driving larger order size.

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